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@ManofKent looking great, man! Slim and well dressed.
Happy new year from Italy KK Attachment Raf No brand Gats
Kurt, I'm so happy you're alive. We've all been missing you all this time
I liked this one a lot, actually. The fabric looks very appealing. I hope it's gonna work out.
Devoa glen check blazer.  
Sir, you're one of the finest and most underrated posters here. Kudos for great taste and sense of style.
Grenson brogs, Barena blazer, Poeme Bohemien dress shirt, Raf tee  
 Not sure how you can treat someone's home address and a restaurant with the equal degree of privacy, but ok. Roscioli is very good, true. One of the best carbonara in the city (if not the best). The same oweners also got great bakery/snack bar right across the street - Antico Forni Roscioli.
  A great insight, and please share which restaurant you went to :)
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