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Grenson brogs, Barena blazer, Poeme Bohemien dress shirt, Raf tee  
 Not sure how you can treat someone's home address and a restaurant with the equal degree of privacy, but ok. Roscioli is very good, true. One of the best carbonara in the city (if not the best). The same oweners also got great bakery/snack bar right across the street - Antico Forni Roscioli.
  A great insight, and please share which restaurant you went to :)
  Do you own only one pair of footwear?
 While Layer 0 fun is lasting - here are the ones I picked up from Eton - a great seller and great guy!    
 KK Attachment downjacket  Layer 0 boots  
Thanks! The coat is custom-made, scarf is Unuqlo cashmere, pants were made by my wife 2 days ago and the boots are Guidi. CCP blazer and APC dress shirt non vis.
Thanks man. Not my Mercedes. However what I ride costs much more than that: subway
  In front of my office building this cold and frosty morning.
Thanks! Actually the link you provided is very helpful - I just wanted to see the color more clearly. A great purchase man, congratz! I will post soob my new Layer 0 that I got from @eton97
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