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John Waters movies are insane, funny, inappropriate, gruesome, absurd. You'll either love them or hate them. I personally love them.
 I have been ordering tons of stuff since 2006.
 I just watched an Israeli dark comedy/horror/mystery entitled Big Bad Wolves. A very solid film. I also watched Nebraska which in my opinion was not quite as good as Payne's earlier films but still very good. August: Osage County - about 2 hours of topnotch acting. Meryl Streep is always good but here she was phenomenal. Another academy award nominee - 12 years a slave, was just average.
 I have never ever received from yoox something lacking in quality, wrong size/color or otherwise inconsistent.
 Can anyone comment on the quality of Golden Goose leathers?
 Moonchild - nice one. Regis - congrats!
@spacepope never been a fan of your fits but this one is nice.
@Syeknom to me every single piece seems to be incongruous with the other, while each piece on its own looks interesting.
 Gavroche - very nice fit.
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