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 I was in a NYC type deli myself today, which opened very recently ) Finally there's a place in the city that serves real pastrami. But I still envy you because there's nothing like Katz's Deli in the whole world.
 Summer is officially over in here    [[SPOILER]]
Fuuma ^ -  a provincial priest from an Italian neorealist flick.
 Since recently - Yes!
 That kinda sucks, but otherwise you are better off in the UK, trust me
 I received the goods in Russia where customs duties apply only if the value of the goods exceeds an equivalent of EUR 1000.
 I got them on Endclothing at approx. USD 350 due to VAT deduction and free shipping.
Yea, these are Qasa high triple black. Very comfy but a bit warm. So not the best option to wear in hot weather.
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