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A1923 has a good zip up jacket which is quite versatile.  
 To put it simply, each of the USSR state had its own culture including own cuisine. Russia was also a part of the USSR, by the way. At the same time, "USSR cuisine" came into being which was (and is) heavily based on traditional Russian food, traditional food of other USSR states as well as on the USSR epoch products (such as mayo, shproti, etc).   Russian cuisine dates way back than the USSR but many of the traditional dishes have not been maintained. No one can name...
  Unfortunately there's no such thing as authentic Russian cuisine. There are only a few things that can be referred to as authentically Russian. For your information, borsh is Ukrainian and the origin of pirogi is debatable. On the other hand, the nations of the former Soviet Union have wonderful food culture. Georgian and Ukrainian cuisines stand out but Azeri, Armenian and Uzbek cuisines are also wonderful. There's also 'Soviet cuisine' which is mix of everything...
I spent 3 minutes trying to figure out the meaning of the above. Then I gave up
 Everything looks good but please lose the plastic container.
Psydle, I can read but there are neither prices nor description on the website. Not a very handy website overall. Some of the footwear looks pretty nice though - I wonder what leathers he uses.
I would suggest lace-up boots with more structured toe (eg. KK Attachment lace-up boots). 
@poilu with a different pair of boots the fit would have been ace!
 As far as working out is concerned -- you are in great shape. When I said stick to Margiela I was not being cocky or rude. That style suits you a lot. That's definitely 'You', while Rick won't be 'You'. Sorry if I'm too equivocal.
 You're so NOT Rick. Stick with MMM - you do it good  
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