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 Someone finally shat on a holy cow.
Those yahoo chat room/napster times (circa 2000)
 Selling these handsome dudes. If interested - PM me.  
 I think, as long as the design is minimalistic and clean, the jeans are quite slim with a narrow hem - you should be ok.
 Dude, it's not unobtainable. I will be producing these jeans in sizes 46 and 48 when I get hold of good Japanese fabric, so we can talk about it ;)
The jeans? No man, much better: #madebywife
Dad is a legit store that carries among other brands A1923, Elena Dawson, Bergfabel and (in near future) Layer 0.
I wear blue jeans with CCP but they're not your average blue jeans, as you may guess. 
 Needles Rebuild Military Jacket
 I like some CM footwear. Especially some super nice hand-made stuff that you can find in small Italian bottegas. And Alden indy boot in color 8 shell cordovan is just awesome.
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