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When it comes to workboot, no one fucks with Simone. It takes just 1 quick glance and you know for sure it's A1923. Straight up original work.  
  My Guidis are in donkey leather and I'm very happy as far as the leather is concerned. Softer than horse but still quite substantial and durable, with a slight shine to it. Here pics when I tried them on first and after beating them up.   
  I guess this is what makes you really different from the rest of us
 My guidis appear to be rather odorless. But I might just have gotten used to the smell (if any).
@Diet CCC dude, you should seriously consder shutting the fuck up.
2 Rafs, SLP, SNS Herning and Damir Doma.      
 That would be too big even for me, so rest assured that it would not fit you )
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