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 The quality is decent (good value for money if you buy on yoox/at doscounted price) and in my experience their stuff runs tts.
A couple of shots from my journey to Amsterdam.  
Sizing down on Guidis feels like being in a fantasy world.
Newp, there's at least one person on this board who knows Altieri personally (Uzairh that is). I suppose you could reach Altieri through him.
https://www.excelsiormilano.com/cat-url/11267-black-leather-boots.html?search_query=marsell&results=14   Nice Marsell at a nice price.
 Someone finally shat on a holy cow.
Those yahoo chat room/napster times (circa 2000)
 Selling these handsome dudes. If interested - PM me.  
 I think, as long as the design is minimalistic and clean, the jeans are quite slim with a narrow hem - you should be ok.
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