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     excellent use of irony!
I can certify that my culatta augustas did stretch just a tiny bit after I started filling them up with pieces of wood while not wearing. Those are the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever worn. I have heard rumors that layer 0 cordovan boots are not so comfy due to low instep but I personally did not experience any discomfort when wearing them (even though I have quite a high instep).
I am bewildered at how hard it is to find a good cobbler in the US, that people send their footwear from one city to another (or even from one state to other). I have been using the cobbler nearest to my house for a good while - an Armenian guy (traditionally all good cobblers in Russia are Armenian). I'm more than happy with his work. He charges me approx. 45 bucks for vibramming (material + work) and gets everything done within a 2-days' period. There are some luxury...
Posting a few pics of the new Guidis.  
I like his footwear actually. not so versatile some of them but nevetheless interesting
 What about some fine BBS at EUR 500?  
  I will post them. Being vibrammed at the moment.
Good to know this sinnedk!   No bad blood, kunk! Tell us your story at last!
Not really interested in your relationship with Eugene, but if you feel like telling a good story - go ahead. I also don't give a shit about 99% of SZ people (including Eugene who considers himself a fashion expert and at the same time posts ugliest fits in the world).   Not really an ectomorph as I constantly try to lose weight but I take it as a compliment. And no, I don't live with my parents since a very long time. Although where I come from, it is customary for a...
     My new full grain donkey 995 Guidis arrived at last
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