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No problem. In my next fit I'll wear a larger penis. Just the way you like it boy!
Then wear the hell out of them man ;)
I can't imagine you wearing those, benesyed. You are a dress pants man to me :)
Thanks! I posted it to show people around here how a sexy fashionz is done
Disagree :) Do I look like a nerd here?  
Thank you! It's a rarity to see a sensible person, with adequate reasoning, in this swarm of butthurt attention whores.
  Now you are attacking me and calling me names only because you found my comment offbase. Don't you think that this makes you an idiot? Or because you're an administrator of this site this gives you the right to insult people? I don't give  a rat's ass if you found my comment offbase/stupid. It's your problem. If you had devoted 5 minutes to understanding the implication of my comment, you might have arrived at a different conclusion. "Sexy" does not necessarily mean high...
poor kid got butthurt and wants me to shut up. ok, son, i won't be picking on you any more because i pity you .... especially after having seen that picture :-)
Moo, it's somewhere in waywt. just search through recent posts of grizzlybear. but if i were you i would nor cos it's a pretty ugly sight.
the first post wasn't about you, idiot! or you're also trying to become a doctor? now i'll be seriously preoccupied with the safety and longevity of american patients.
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