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Interested in suiting wool ma-1, to fit size 48. PM me if you've got one and wanna part with it.
Damn! The coat is so badass! Post a fit pic, man!   Have been wanting these for some time now and finally ordered them. I sized up half a size - hopefully it was a right decision.   And a little bonus from yoox.
Does anyone have a coupon code for Ssense? Plz share or PM.
@accordion - nice fit!
  Oi vei. The next worst thing would have been spacepopeapproved
That's probably how Simone talks but Carol would be something like: vot tu you sink you arr doing du anschloch! kopping mein vork! Ich would make a deadend jumper suit from you, but dein skin ist unworthy of my artisan vork.
"very familiar looking" is litotes, man!
Seriously though: aren't those tornados on Psydle's pic?
 The Knick was the best new TV show of 2014 on par with True Detective, imo.
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