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I can finally show some new damage : And next to the older brother: MtB
Any luck with the conversion? I'd like to see pictures of the end product, as well... MtB
Quote: Originally Posted by j When confronted, he started backpidaling? MtB
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos HOLY THREAD RESURRECTION, BATMAN!! Just when I was starting to think I'd never know. Thanks! MtB
I believe what you're referring to is called 'railroading'. As for pictures: try Cordings. MtB
I finally get to post again in this thread : I like the slightly thicker soles (B1F). MtB
Quote: Originally Posted by VKK3450 Oger or Pauw? Why is this interesting? (Obviously either one...) I'd rather know what (and where!) his local store is. MtB
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy A small preview of my next shoe damage thread... Picture of HAF-soled EG Weymouth in Redwood Finally! Can't wait for the damage thread. Not quite sure I like the HAF-sole on the Weymouth, but still ! Hope you'll enjoy them. MtB
Well, apparently I needn't participate in any 'favourite Styleforum member' contests . Still, T4 and bengal, thanks a lot. MtB
Looked even better when it was being worn. And the pictures on the mannequin are very nice already. MtB
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