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The engraving took some time, but it finally arrived: And it's every bit the memento I'd hoped it would be... MtB
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Probably due to VAT. VAT is taken off the price in case the goods are shipped outside UK Close: VAT is taken off if the goods are shipped outside EU. MtB
Bradford, Sorry to hear this. I'm afraid your fears about an impending funeral may prove too true. I just lost my mother to colonic cancer -which had spread to her lungs- last month. She was diagnosed early in May. Not exactly the same, I know, but I've seen how fast things can go. . Since you've asked him to keep you up-to-date, perhaps I might advise you to also actively keep in touch with him and his family. It'll be a great support to them. For you: all the...
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Very nice, coffee suede seems lighter than I thought or is it the flash? I am a fran of the U tip... I didn't use a flash whilst photographing my shoes. It's most likely the direct sunlight that makes them look so light. Coffee suede is very much like burnt pine in colour. Glad I could bring out some more u-tips from under the respective stones where they were kept . Even if not to universal acclaim. I ...
I can finally show some new damage : And next to the older brother: MtB
Any luck with the conversion? I'd like to see pictures of the end product, as well... MtB
Quote: Originally Posted by j When confronted, he started backpidaling? MtB
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos HOLY THREAD RESURRECTION, BATMAN!! Just when I was starting to think I'd never know. Thanks! MtB
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