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Wherever did you dig up this???I need to examine those toes in great detail someday soon!MtB
EG Nevis@Roy: Of course MtB
You delight in rubbing that tweed in my face, don't you? It's a beautiful cloth, wear it well. I hope to do so as well, eventually...MtBP.S. Thanks for the advice and help you offered.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bespoke 51 What is the collar name and pricing on the Matuozzo's? I wouldn't know the collar name . What I remember from my first shirt is that I requested a spread collar, and she came up with this. I'd expect this to be 'my' collar. As to price: Anna was kind enough to work with fabric I supplied, so I couldn't give an accurate price including Anna's fabrics. I'm not prepared to share what I paid for just the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley Thanks guys. Where is Manton when you need him? Try here: First answer. MtB
@ andreyb2: Thank you. It's a Thomas Mason silverline. I look forward to wearing it on one of our national holidays... @ fritzl, Eustace Tilley, Lonneker: Thank you too. This is Maffeis' 'Aspen' collar. @ SpallaCamiccia: Thank you also. With regard to the front placket, I chose that because I somehow prefer that. MtB
This just in: and: MtB
Wait, the EG sale has already started? MtB
You mean Albini, near Bergamo? MtB
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