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Not that unique...Similar BreguetMtB
Always happy to help MtB
T4: astonishing. Can't wait to see them IRL.MtB
Something different: Perhaps T4 could provide more pictures of their creation... MtB
Thanks! The ' tan' ones I posted are in fact cream moleskin. And yes I have some grey flannel lieing around to be made up.MtB
Combined with several suggestions for trousers...And of the jacket itself.MtB
Do the windowpane: it turns out spectacular! And as a practical matter: the P-o-W hasn't arrived yet MtB
Dark chocolate corduroy works, cream moleskin, blue jeans, the grey flannel you mentioned.Mine (finally) did turn out nice. MtB*Edit: Addition of blue jeans.
I must say I like your taste (I have a SS Reverso GT as well as the Breguet 5920BR myself)MtB
Very nice Breguet! 5920BR?MtB
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