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Thanks! The ' tan' ones I posted are in fact cream moleskin. And yes I have some grey flannel lieing around to be made up.MtB
Combined with several suggestions for trousers...And of the jacket itself.MtB
Do the windowpane: it turns out spectacular! And as a practical matter: the P-o-W hasn't arrived yet MtB
Dark chocolate corduroy works, cream moleskin, blue jeans, the grey flannel you mentioned.Mine (finally) did turn out nice. MtB*Edit: Addition of blue jeans.
I must say I like your taste (I have a SS Reverso GT as well as the Breguet 5920BR myself)MtB
Very nice Breguet! 5920BR?MtB
Wherever did you dig up this???I need to examine those toes in great detail someday soon!MtB
EG Nevis@Roy: Of course MtB
You delight in rubbing that tweed in my face, don't you? It's a beautiful cloth, wear it well. I hope to do so as well, eventually...MtBP.S. Thanks for the advice and help you offered.
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