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I must say I like your taste (I have a SS Reverso GT as well as the Breguet 5920BR myself)MtB
Very nice Breguet! 5920BR?MtB
Wherever did you dig up this???I need to examine those toes in great detail someday soon!MtB
EG Nevis@Roy: Of course MtB
You delight in rubbing that tweed in my face, don't you? It's a beautiful cloth, wear it well. I hope to do so as well, eventually...MtBP.S. Thanks for the advice and help you offered.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bespoke 51 What is the collar name and pricing on the Matuozzo's? I wouldn't know the collar name . What I remember from my first shirt is that I requested a spread collar, and she came up with this. I'd expect this to be 'my' collar. As to price: Anna was kind enough to work with fabric I supplied, so I couldn't give an accurate price including Anna's fabrics. I'm not prepared to share what I paid for just the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley Thanks guys. Where is Manton when you need him? Try here: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=9568 First answer. MtB
@ andreyb2: Thank you. It's a Thomas Mason silverline. I look forward to wearing it on one of our national holidays... @ fritzl, Eustace Tilley, Lonneker: Thank you too. This is Maffeis' 'Aspen' collar. @ SpallaCamiccia: Thank you also. With regard to the front placket, I chose that because I somehow prefer that. MtB
This just in: and: MtB
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