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It's been a while since I posted... MtB
I'd be grateful to find myself at the bottom of the pile . I think I already have been, and I have taken away several thing from the feedback. Yet, would what you state above exclude the presenting of several options as I did in my first post in this thread or even in succession?MtB
Wow! Now those I'd need to see in real life. Especially the green suede: that has given me an idea for a tan suede tassel loafer...MtB
I thought I had added sufficient texture with the flannels I wore... I can most certainly combine with brown and/or green cords and moleskins. I'm no great fan of knit ties, although I do have a navy one. But I do have several cashmere ties which ought to combine just fine. The thing is, as Gdl notes below, that would all underline the fall feel, whereas I am trying to see whether I can get some "summer" use out of this coat.Ok. So let me run the jacket by you with navy...
Thank you. As to length: it covers my behind. I have long arms.Thanks. Autumn vs. spring wasn't quite what I had in mind, but I see what you mean. More opportunities to wear the coat and more combinations to be tried. Yay! Yeah, yeah... I'll see what I can do. Maybe another comparison? Thank you. I'm a 'mere' 6 ft. 5 in.Colour in the first tie: white and light blue flowers with red hearts.Thanks Prof and gdl: I hadn't imagined tie 1 and square 2. I may yet try that.No...
Trying to learn a bit here so I thought I'd post two alternatives: 1. vs. 2. Any comments? Oh, and in hindsight: the pocketsquare in #2 could have been stuffed in deeper MtB
This has stopped you before? Thankfully some of us know better . And have you considered this: perhaps one box can better be explained to your wife, than several, or do you get them at work?Still planning to visit Pelger (I'm not sure their sale still continues)?MtB
Nice!But why Capelli and not Gianni?MtB
This one wasn't one of yours! No seriously: (just jealous)MtB
To steer away from all the Rolex/Omega etc. onslaught just a tiny bit: MtB
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