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This one wasn't one of yours! No seriously: (just jealous)MtB
To steer away from all the Rolex/Omega etc. onslaught just a tiny bit: MtB
Hmmm, I dunno. I may start to question everything you've said so far...I'll wait to see how they work out IRL.MtB
Or do they want to push more people towards the Top Drawer? I.e. regular m-t-o: only on 2 lasts, TD m-t-o: take your pick...MtB
I think we chose well .MtB
.I keep asking myself why I didn't. Oh well, can't have everything.And I have a few nice ones arriving from the same source myself MtB
Did it arrive yet?MtB
Thank you, although both collars are in fact the same shape. I'll take it you like both collars . MtB
Why no velvet collar?MtB
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