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This I need to see! I have something similar in mind. Why was I on holiday when the tailor visited...MtB
The suede and canvas Malvern III's... Wow. Just, wow. MtB
You have two I want, but they're not listed . MtB
Might it be to prevent the heel catching the turnup on the other trouser leg? It got me wondering though: I was polishing some EG's today and noticed a conspicuous absence of a 'cut off' heel on those. Why would EG not do something like that if it's that useful? MtB
I quite like the whole combination, but for the (colour) of the shoes. That distracts me. I'd suggest either a darker brown or a more 'yellow' brown, i.e. burnt pine as opposed to chestnut. MtB.
Could you please post pics when they arrive? I'd really like to see how the 'pie-crust' turns out in suede.MtB
Quite a few firsts for me here: 1st C&J 1st Boot 1st Cordovan 1st Double sole I wonder how I'll like the speed hooks. MtB
Yes, if nothing else just for the future moment when I move... and need to safely transport my shoes. In the mean time I keep my wife 'quiet' by sacrificing the occasional box I receive with a factory re-sole. She uses them for odds and ends. MtB
These are mine:And compared with their elder brothers:Coffee suede on 202 and Dark Oak antique on 82 without medallion.This is the one I later saw as Weymouth in a store:Is this the Chelsea-lookalike you were sent first as Weymouth II?I don't get it, because as far as I've seen, when EG use roman numerals after a model name, it's to indicate a variation on the basic model. IMO this way EG do their utmost to confuse matters.MtB
Very nice!Do EG still call this model Weymouth? I ask because I've seen another EG under that model.MtB.
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