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Here you are:Mink (left) and Clove (right)Mink (left), Rosewood (middle) and Clove (right)The clove has quite a red sheen to it in certain light, but it was one of the first colours I thought of when I saw your picture of Heather Gorse with the three suede swatches. I included a Rosewood pair so you could compare further, although I think Heather Gorse is a bit darker.Perhaps laufer had the best suggestion: to let EG decide, or at least advise.Hope this helps.MtB
U-cap on 82 last, coincidentally also Weymouths, albeit without medallion:MtB
Blatant cross-post:A very happy new year everyone!MtB
My latest acquisition: Plymouth, 202, Rosewood country calf MtB
Is the stitching between the suede and the country calf letting go there or is it just the angle of the picture?All the best for the new year btw.MtB
Wow!Makes me wonder what he did with my piece... I guess I'll have to wait to see.MtB
This I need to see! I have something similar in mind. Why was I on holiday when the tailor visited...MtB
The suede and canvas Malvern III's... Wow. Just, wow. MtB
You have two I want, but they're not listed . MtB
Might it be to prevent the heel catching the turnup on the other trouser leg? It got me wondering though: I was polishing some EG's today and noticed a conspicuous absence of a 'cut off' heel on those. Why would EG not do something like that if it's that useful? MtB
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