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Sorry for the delayed reply... I've not kept up to date with Styleforvm and am trying to catch up.I can confirm these are 202 last. UK10D chestnut Canterbury to complete the facts.MtB
You could also try this thread: The Shoe Pictorial Index. It's old though, so I've no idea whether the links to pictures still work...MtB
Seeing what followed I'd call that one negligible. *Hides from C&A*I do like the Breanish and prefer that one over the other one.MtB
All yours? MtB
Yes, very hard on wallet .And blocking is no option. Even if I can try to not participate, I can still drool over all the designs, no? Besides, I already have more ties than I know what to do with... resisting temptation should be easy! So, challis and madder designs or something else entirely?MtB
Have I mentioned hating you yet?Seriously though, watch out for your waistline: T4 likes his food. You can try bribing him with baba should the need arise .And Caccioppoli as well... Hmmm MtB
[Anguish]NOOOOO! Please, noooo![/Anguish]MtB
C&A, I'm trying to save for other things! I'd be in for colour 6, in a 5 fold. Thanks for setting this up. The brown/orange one is a favourite. MtB
VERY nice.Storm welt?MtB
@T4phage Great to see you posting again! When did you start wearing black shoes?! The olive ones are more 'you'. MtB
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