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    Restocked on the Skinny Guy Deep Indigo Selvedge in all sizes! 28-38. Naked & Famous Skinny Guy Deep Indigo Selvedge - $170 - [link] Super rigid, deep indigo denim   The "Skinny Guy" is a straight leg that's slim throughout the entire jean. Medium rise.   15oz sanforized indigo denim   Exposed coin pocket selvedge   100% cotton   Japanese fabric   Made in Canada    
Weird Guy High- size 28 to 36 only, for now.  
  I'm basically a one man show running the retail + online store as well as photographer/retoucher, shipper and general handyman in the N&F office so I don't have time to measure each style, hence the general N&F size charts. Sizing is pretty consistent across the board minus the one or two oddball styles.. but if you have any sizing or measurement questions you can always email me.  
The following is now available at Tate + Yoko! We'll be adding new SS12 styles every day for the next couple of weeks so keep an eye on the home page. If you don't see your size or have any questions, just send me an email or PM.   Weird Guy Frankenstein 2 - LINK   Beautiful taupe colour with bumpy and irregular yarn, with alternating and mixed twill directions. Close ups of the fabric are up on the product page. 13.5oz raw sanforized denim. Only available in...
We have a pair in a size 33 that's not up on the website. Send me an email at :)
They're not selvedge because it would have been more expensive and Brandon wanted to keep the price down on novelty weaves. I'll have a closer look at the weave when I shoot it for the website. Limited.      
  They're available as of right now. We were planning on having a few items from the SS12 collection up on the website earlier this week, but ran into some equipment issues. I can still take orders though by phone or email.  
  It should be in by mid-February  
    0705SP is what Momotaro calls a "tight straight" and is the slimmest of the three. 0805SP is a slim straight, and the 0905SP is a classic straight leg.   It's recommended to buy your normal size with most Japanese denim (although there are some exceptions).. you'll be fine with a size 32 :)    
  The Paulrose Slim definitely has a little more room at the thigh and knee. It's about 0.25" - 0.5" larger in those areas, post-soak. You should be buying a size 29 or 30 for the Slim depending on how you sized on the APCs.
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