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Lots of people asking for fit pics on the Weird Guy High so here you go.. size 30 indigo selvedge.  
Comes in the Indigo Selvedge as well, but that's it for now.  
That's a mistake.  
The Broken Twill Greencast is only available in the Weird Guy and Skinny Guy this season.   The Regular Guy Lightweight Selvedge has arrived in the warehouse. They'll be up on the online store by the weekend, along with the long awaited measurements :)  
E-mail me and I'll get you measurements first thing tomorrow.
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  In the Skinny Guy or in the Weird Guy? It's size down 2 for the WG.   Anyway, quickly googled and found a pair of the Weird Guys in a 31:   Cheers
  I have bunch of 29s in the Weird Guy duck that didn't make it up on the website. Would fit you if you have a 31" waist.  
We have these as well as the duck print. Should be up on the website in a day or two, or you can email me to place an order.     Size down 2 as usual. size 32 has a 34" waist, size 33 has a 35" waist.  
  It's closer to a candy red.
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