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new fading contest!     Now that our last fading contest has ended its time to start a new one! The new jean is the WeirdGuy Red Core Selvedge, which is available exclusively in USA at Barneys and Barneys COOP stores. You can also buy it online HERE The contest is very simple. To enter, all you have to do is buy a pair of these jeans at your local Barneys New York or Barneys COOP...
  1) They're both great pairs that will fade beautifully if you put in enough time. Construction is the same.    2) As long as you don't have massively large thighs, I would say go with the size 30. You might be able to size down to a 29 on the Left Hand Twill depending on your measurements.   Shoulda just left the blood stain   
Depends on the makeup but it generally starts at $600/pair. Send me an email. Sure thing.       What nycxandy said.  
  We can always custom order you a pair!  
  new from n&f: naked & famous skinny guy silk blend - $180 great colour, super soft and stretchy. size 28-36 12oz denim sanforized 30% silk, 70% cotton japanese fabric made in canada popular styles restocked: naked & famous weird guy indigo selvedge - $126 size 27-38, please email for 40, 42 13oz selvedge denim sanforized 100% cotton japanese fabric made in canada naked & famous weird guy glow in the dark selvedge - $240 stone...
  We have some size 27 up on the website:   ... ..but as Jay says, you can always e-mail either of us if you're looking for a specific style.  
they look good. keep!
Brandon's Skinny Guy Left Hand Twill's 1 year, worn basically every day No wash Size 30 6ft - 140lbs   For a better look with more images, check out the blog!  
They've only been out for a couple weeks. They won't fade much and you shouldn't expect them to.. but it's a great colour for the summer
    Don't know how light you want to go, but there are some great choices this season in the Weird Guy..5oz to 12.5oz:  
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