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Go with the NFxMomo for something a little different. The NFxONI and the Japan Heritage both have that slubby look to them.
Looks great Jay! Awesome work
fhxnfxty, 3-4 months in. post-soak
  Slim Guy, Weird Guy  
    They belong to Bahzad, and I'm pretty sure he's not too worried about where the combs end up. He started breaking these in a few days before Capsule so I think he decided to skip the soak. Dude goes through a pair every 3-4 months and like most of the denim worn around the office, these will probably end up hanging in the store or in the showroom.  
    Sold out! Sorry  
  FHXNFXTY, 3 months in. Will be soaked for the first time this weekend.            
  Yep, you would take a size 31. I have it in stock:  
  Sent you an email!  
  Pretty sure its ok to hem. I don't see why it would be a problem.  
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