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N&F Left Hand Twill restocked on all sizes in both the Skinny Guy and Weird Guy cuts.     Skinny Guy: Weird Guy:  
Restocked on a couple sizes for both the Deep Indigo Selvedge, and the ONI. These go quickly, so don't sleep on it! Naked & Famous Weird Guy Deep Indigo Selvedge http://tateandyoko.c...o-selvedge.html The "Weird Guy" is a slim fit that tapers from the knee down. Medium rise. 15oz rigid Japanese selvedge denim 100% cotton Japanese fabric Made in Canada Sizes 28-38 Naked & Famous Weird Guy Oni...
  What Jay just said. I'm wearing a sample 30 and they fit great. Definitely a fan of the taper.     You should be looking at the Skinny Guy in a 28 or 29. You'll have about an extra inch or so in the upper thigh but it should be fine
  Happy to hear!   They were made a little long to compensate for the amount of vertical shrinkage, so you should be happy with the length after a wash.
  Just the indigo selvedge and lightweight selvedge for now. selvedge duck will be available for fall.     The Skinny Guy doesn't really taper at all.   The Super Skinny Guy on the other hand, will taper about an inch from the knee down.
  Maybe a shade darker IRL, and I agree- great pair of shoes!
    They definitely fit slim in the arms. I've been looking for the perfect white tee (like everyone else) and these are pretty much spot on. Fabric is super soft with the right amount of thickness to it.
Yuketen 1504M Country Ranger in Tobacco Yuketen M1940 Milspec Oxford Straight in Black http://tateandyoko.c...ight-black.html
  First 2 of 4 Yuketen styles now up on the website! Bear with me as I get everything sorted out   00300M Scotch grain boat shoe in brown       00100M Chukka in Brown  
    Circular knit / loopwheeled n&f tees now available at Tate + Yoko! white pale grey dark indigo black     From the Naked & Famous Denim blog: http://www.nakedandf...eeled-t-shirts/   We are proud to announce the release of our brand new loopwheeled t-shirts! The shirts are made just a few doors down from our head office in Montreal in an old family run factory that have been knitting circular fabric and sewing t-shirts and underwear for 70...
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