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Bahzad rocking the Flat Head Frontier Spirit v-veck loopwheeled tee http://tateandyoko.c...k-tee-grey.html  
  They do, but just like the indigo selvedge, you need to wear them hard.
Special edition version of Flat Head's popular 3001 jean. Denim has been rope dyed with a mix of natural and synthetic indigo which gives it a unique colour. Slightly lighter shade of blue than most Flat Head denim. Comes with an indigo dyed cotton bag.   More information here: 3001 - slim straight leg with a medium rise. 14.25oz unsanforized selvedge denim (expect...
Just some took some shots of the winning pair from the N&F x Cracker Magazine x Modeman Pop up event in Seoul. 24oz and probably my favourite faded pair of N&F.  
  Just took a look in the warehouse and they're definitely gone. Don't know who else would have the skinnysuit at this point.     It's nice. fabric is smooth and the weave really shows through. It's a little different from the Japan Heritage. I took some shots last week of it.. here's one:        
Hemp blends worn for about 3-4 months.
  36/black, 42/grey, 44/grey     not sure what happened to the pants but they've been gone for a while. probably heavily discounted. jackets are $150.
  The skinny suit hasn't been made in a couple seasons so it might be a little hard to find. I have a couple of the jackets in the warehouse, but no pants.
  I can always try to special order those for you. Send me an email!
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