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  It's available in Skinny Guy and the women's Skinny.
Been out of these since last fall.. we're finally completely restocked! In addition to the Weird Guy and Skinny Guy, the selvedge duck is now also available in the Regular Guy.     Light weight 10oz selvedge duck canvas with red line selvedge. 100% cotton, made in in Japan. Available in sizes (27), 28-38   Skinny Guy - Weird Guy...
little teaser for the new NFxKA collabo jean coming out soon:  
Beat up pair of mocs worn by one of the guys in the office.  
We place custom orders for our customers all the time- it's very flexible and as long as they have the leathers and soles, any kind of make up can be ordered.
n&f weird guy chino colours for the upcoming season: the original beige, plus khaki green and sand. same great, versatile fabric, with red line selvedge. sizes 28-40, $150 a 5 pocket selvedge chino with red line selvedge. great colour and a smooth texture. very comfortable. great for any season! the naked & famous "weird guy" is a slim fit that tapers from the knee down. medium-low rise. 12oz selvedge chino 100% cotton japanese fabric made in...
Go with a size 33 as they do fit a little small in the legs. They'll stretch a little like any fabric, but not much.
exclusive to tate + yoko, this handmade leather belt key hook comes with a 100% brass hook and rings. leather will darken and age beautifully. comes in natural tan and black. $53 embossed naked & famous denim logo on the back 1/8" thick leather 100% brass...
little update on the fhxnfxty's. 5 months. first soak was 3 months in, and the wash was 2 weeks ago.   as a side note, we sold our last pair earlier this week!! stay tuned for the next collabo.    
Both vneck and buffalo check shirt have been rinsed once so expect minimal shrinkage.
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