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  For Elephant3 N&F is going back to the same denim as Elephant1, but with a beige overcast. It's gonna look pretty badass and fade great. The weight will be the same as Elephant1 which is around 19.5oz. Please note that there is more than just actual weight that goes into the beauty and characteristics of any fabric.   If you want CRAZY heavy, there is always the 32oz denim which will be remade in June 2013.    If you like slubby and heavy, get ready for the 16.5oz...
  A few differences between the Selvedge Chino and the Selvedge Duck's...   a) Weave - The Duck is a canvas which is a plain twill. Plain twills can be 1 warp by 1 weft (1x1) or 2 warps by 2 wefts (2x2). That's why you don't see a diagonal grain on the Ducks and why you do on the Chino's (or on any denim) which is a 3x1 weave. b) Weight - Chinos are around 12oz. Ducks are around 10oz. (When we say "oz" we mean "ounces per square yard") c) Color - Well this is obvious but...
  A man who knows what he wants! 
Sorry boys, f***city is misinformed. Urban Outfitters did not stop carrying Unbranded. Unbranded is in fact their #1 best selling mens denim online and in some physical locations too. UO has over 100 locations in USA and the stock is constantly changing and being passed around to different stores. Some stores in smaller markets have never carried Unbranded, in other cases the buyers decide to add or takeaway stock from certain locations.  
I spotted a young gentleman at Dutil in Toronto wearing a great pair of dirty and beat up SkinnyGuy Duck Selvedge...   NO FLASH     WITH FLASH
Those ONI collabos look great on her! Just be careful, because all the local denim nerds will be running after her now! 
How about these:   or these: 
For any raw denim fans in Philly tomorrow... 
  The Suvin fabric is great, but it's a new style and so I haven't seen any fades pics yet. The style will not be made again. Just one limited edition run. 
  The cotton origins are different, the construction is different, the dyestuffs are different. You may find the weight one of the easiest things to notice:   Indigo Selvedge - 13oz  Left Hand Twill Selvedge - 13.75oz Deep Indigo Selvedge - 15.7oz
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