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I'm pretty sure they only sell it in the Bloor location.    
Quote: Thanks! I'll probably end up getting a 36 since it fits me quite well... I'm normally a 34 in suit I think, so a size bigger should be alright!   Does anybody know of any good online retailers that ships to Canada and is reasonably priced?  
Does anybody know if there's a big size difference between a 36 and a 38 (Classic) Beaufort? I went to a store today and they only had a 36, which fit fine, but I wasn't able to try on a 38.   Any thoughts on the black Beaufort? I feel like I already have too many brown/green jackets even though the Olive Classic Beaufort is very nice.
I bought my first NS online a couple of months ago in the color "Steel Blue" because it was ridiculously cheap and it was new... however the only size available was a 27 but I figured that pair would be like the other NSs... boy was I wrong. To this day I can't button up the buttons all the way... I'm normally a size 28/29 but I don't think this pair stretches at all... which sucks :(
Yeah I went to Stollerys to try on the Bedale, but I thought it was too short... I don't remember seeing the Beaufort there because I would've tried it on because I think I would like the longer, more parka-like style... the SA at Stollerys was really pushy and I just wanted to leave haha... but they do have a Barbour sale if anybody's interested... 30% off their ridiculous prices (which ends up being more affordable)...   Club Monaco is selling the Bedale for...
Would a Beaufort fit better on a taller, skinnier person? I'm a little over 6'1'' and I'm trying to figure out whether I should buy a Bedale or Beaufort. And any Torontonians know of a good place to purchase these jackets? I went to Stollerys and they're selling a Bedale for $575... ridiculous.
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