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still no proxy?
what kind of specific look? they are pretty specific, that's what attracts me to them, and regular derby's tend to have a much more pointed toe, these are round. and very solid, very snug fit.
hi there, does anybody know if will be making any further reductions? does anybody have any codes for it?
Hi there! Can anyone proxy from the UK? I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands   was 260 british pounds in London.
hey managed to try on a cruiser jacket recently in S and fit me perfectly, was just wondering what's the size relationship with the field parka, measurement wise, an S cruiser jacket is an M parka.   would also like a proxy for a khaki.
nothing of my Field Parka :(((( there was an error when placing the order, really sad about this, basically sold out everywhere else
I wouldn't even dare I think :D   Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out :)
real nice, your fits are pretty great  
is this really true? I bought the parka in Khaki, one of the reasons being that it seemed water resistant (said so on TBS as well). I live in a quite rainy place, especially in winter and would hate to get soaked. Maybe it can be waxed?  
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