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    Yes they do and I bet they will look great after just a little brushing also. Great choice too!! In the honor of you getting yours this morning I didn't even hesitate to grab mine without much thought at all this morning.
 Yes, there is. And as I've said before the CEO knows what it takes to keep the lights on at the plant and what direction they are headed. I don't think he is driving the bus off the edge of a cliff by any stretch of the imagination. Still doesn't stop me from wanting more shell offerings, boots, suede PTB, etc.
        Yes I think most of the outlets carry it. The shoebank still owes me 2 bottles that I ordered more than a month ago, and a shoe I paid for and never received. To be fair to them I think the main shoebank gets hit hard and it is difficult for them to keep up. I got mine from the Jeffersonville outlet at $5 a bottle. I still use Reno for deep cleaning but for just general purpose conditioning have gone to VC for shell and calf.
If the weird thing with the tongue is that it bunches up on the side of the boot and digs into your ankle, that is common because of the RW fully gusseted tongue. Hurts like hell for the first couple of weeks but if you push through it long enough it becomes soft as butter. I know it is hard to believe that the featherstone leather will, but in the end it is a completely different animal. I have the 9011 black cherry and was tempted to cut the side of the offending tongue...
  BB sent me another one of those click here for acceptance emails on the Brooks CC (Master Card) 2 days ago. I finally decided to go for it because of the occasional discounts. Like msulinski said you get 15% off on first purchase, and I already have a corp card. However the email I got on acceptance said 25% off from April 18-28 so I believe that will be the dates for the F&F sale.
 Yes it is. They are in the EST zone and hours 10 AM-9 PM. Good luck.
My black shell PA were waiting for me when I got home tonight. Stripped off a ton of cream and brushing them for as long as I have tells me I still have a lot more work to do on them before they get a few thin coats of Saphir blue polish. Also need to wear them for awhile first to work out any bloom that may be in the shell. In a week or so hope to have them ready to post pictures.   Outstanding pickup delmar! And nice comparison shots.   I still don't own a LWB and...
I have heard rumors that the season known as piss poor sledding is around the corner, some say it even officially started today. Couple feet of snow on the ground and temps not breaking into the double digits above zero F I find it hard to believe. But the ships are planning on shipping ore from the Iron Range out on Superior starting 1 April, so it must be true. To others April 1 means other things, especially if you know what DEC stands for.   Been tying my own flies...
    He talks briefly about spending 2 years developing the new golf shoes and working with Jack Nicklaus to design them. They also show some of the new golf shoes including the soles and why they are made the way they are. After the golf shoes are out on the 28th I'll take a look at them and likely will buy a pair for my oldest son and myself.   My girlfriend sent me an email just a few minutes ago that she went to my house to let the dog out and there was a package on...
Instead of the shoebank contact the Jeffersonville Oh. outlet. They have a sale till 4/30 with 20% off one item. And have access to everything that the shoebank does. And have always responded to my emails.     Allen Edmonds Jeffersonville 8665 Factory Shops Blvd. Jeffersonville OH 43128 phone (740) 948 9033 jville@allenedmonds.com
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