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  LOL you've been on a roll lately... Nice to see.   The Fifth Street has been listed on and off as a closeout for more than a year now. I purchased mine for ~$220 a year ago as a closeout. They may mean it this time, not sure.
  Fantastic looking. Damn it you are going to cost me some money if you keep posting pictures like that....     If you call AE customer service they will have you send those in and I'd bet that QA will say they are "out of specifications and can not be repaired" and allow you a new pair in exchange.   I tried every combination of the Clifton even close to my size and one pair of those bowed, but didn't fit anyhow. On the shell Bradley's I had ordered both shoes on the...
  Amen on all accounts, and it doesn't matter if the Bates are leather or those ugly fire hazard plastic chlorfams, shit can those puppies ASAP! Old post so too late for OP but AE gives a discount to active and retired military through the military exchange. If they do not carry the shoe at AAFES then you can get a quote through special services. It is one of the reasons I am fond of AE,
  This. My HP laserjet is ready to print by the time it connects to the wireless network at home. Using an inkjet printer today is like going back to the old colored pen plotters, you could but why? And are much more expensive cost per page than a laser.
  Choke constriction for turkey guns is your most important feature, and of course avoiding the sharp eyes that are going to be looking for you as your calling. Extra full choke of .045 for larger shot size seems to work for me but you have to pattern your load and choke to see what works in your case. Some go as tight as .065 for smaller shot size like 6's. At $600 limit on your budget I would look hard at the Ithaca turkey slayer. But a 125 thunderhead broadhead at the...
  Bickmore Bick 4 or AE leather lotion.
I just ordered my brown shell Leeds, thanks bucksfan!       bucksfan laid it out extremely well IMO. I have the Leeds in #8 shell and black calf size 10D. Also the bayfield in CXL and black calf size 10D. The Malvern is an exception to the #1 last, they used memory foam in it which makes it extremely small compared to the other #1 last boots and the fit is a strange beast, I returned them. The bayfield is very snug on me compared to my walnut shell Daltons which are on...
  Yep, my post in the Obenauf's thread-   http://www.styleforum.net/t/132920/obenaufs-lp-it-works/160_20#post_5892455   But I do not use it on the featherstone leather of my Beckman's. Could, but I have other boots to wear when I want total waterproof protection. And want to keep the black cherry color as is.
  I have tried to avoid having that big red R sticker on any of my guns. They are very common with Trap shooters and I have even seen a Benelli Super Sport converted to a release trigger, the guy was shooting 20k rounds a year in Sporting Clays at the time. Because of all the hunting I do never wanted to go the release trigger route. Nothing against those that do however. It took several years and a lot of work dry firing at a Terry Jordon wall chart with snap caps but...
  My 744's have some wear to say the least, been rotating them with my RW 9011's every evening when I get home from work and am taking the 744's with me to Az. tomorrow for a week. Mario gave me grieve about the gloss on them but Reno and Alden Defender does that. I will post a picture later in the week when I get some time in Phoenix but when new and I brushed the hell out of them:         You got a good girl...  Reno does a hell of a job on CXL also BTW.
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