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Great shoe!
I have never been able to find the reason UV darkens light shell, what you said very well may be the explanation. I know Nick Horween has said they use aniline stains on shell which do not contain pigments, do it does make sense the more I think about it.  Here are some naturally aged whiskey shells posted on AAAC back in 2008 (first pic is #8).
Yeah they are about 8 years old and original soles, I should send them in but the bottom of the soles are still solid. I could likely use the toes as an axe to cut wood in an emergency LOL. Thanks for the heads up! Nice score! Agree with the others that posted on 1 and 2. But I would not put them in the sunlight to try and lighten them. Darker shell lightens with UV exposure however lighter shell usually darkens. All 3 of my walnut shell pairs have darkened over time and...
Hmmm I would disagree  I so regret not getting a MTO or walnut Shelton. The only ones I have are really old school
 I know several on here have said the 8 last is their best fitting and favorite last. But add me to this list above. I tried the Clifton in 3 or 4 different sizes (been a couple years) and could not find a decent fit. Going out in width my heel swam. Going up a half size in length gave better results but not great, and could tell that the toe box would crease past the cap. TTS and same size in 1 and 5 last was too tight. I concluded that it just is not a good fit for my foot.
 Couple of years ago I used it for a little bit but felt it didn't really do much. Really puts a shine on shell for a little bit at first then kind of gets in the way and makes them dull. In the end I concluded the same as half and stopped using it. Stubborn ones, aren't they?! The back of a warm teaspoon will do pretty much the same thing as a deer bone. What I do on those is first put a little Reno on the spots to help lubricate the spoon. Then put a finger in the cup of...
I do not know why some consider Alden a step up from AE. I have owned 2 Alden, sold one because the Barrie last did not work for my feet, but have kept the Grant last boot. I do not find them any better than my AE's although have to admit the shoe bags are nicer . C&J has several grades and if you go up in price I'm sure they are "nicer". I had a pair of C&J for RL Marlow's for a year but ended up selling them due to fit, and found them about the same as AE and Alden...
While the ingredients in VSC are not totally known it is known that it contains turpentine, as does Reno. Ron Rider recommends Reno and Nick Horween likes VSC for shell so I don't think turpentine is as much of an issue as some think. Of course used in small amounts and not too often. I use very little product on my shell and gave away my Saphir neutral cordovan cream I could get as good of a shine with just Reno, water and brushing. Agree.
@watchidiot thanks for all your doing here, I am hoping it will lead to some great things now and down the road.    Several had mentioned they have Alden captoes coming in cigar so burgundy would be the better choice for shell EC. I already have the captoes (with speedhooks) but in #8 so will likely sit this one out.     I consider my brown shell Townley's my Bayfield (with speedhooks, just saying ) "light". Love them both, the Townley is a great shoe and like the...
Finally got some time this afternoon to take a few pictures.  Outside full sun Inside with flash bounced off ceiling.  Hope that helps!
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