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I talked to them Friday so I could copy your mini lug tap sole on mine  When she was reviewing the order she said poron soles for options and it hit me that was an option so I asked about leather insoles and she said certainly. So thank YOU! Last summer when I did the MTO for my Dundee's Deborah asked if I knew what color truffle (cappuccino) looked like. I said lighter than brown but darker than walnut based on the pictures on here. She said no cappuccino is actually...
Friday I changed my MTO Bayfield boots to drop to my normal TTS size and have the leather insole instead of the poron insole. If anyone is having the Bayfield made up be aware that the poron insole changes the fit and makes them tighter.   This is why for these MTO I love that AE is sending us samples of the actual shell that our shoes and boots are going to be made from. I picked up a pair of Alden Ravello chukka's last year and they are an identical match to my walnut...
MWS and KMD well said. No shell today, rainy and cold but at least it isn't snow :-) so wearing the Wilbert's today. They have never seen polish or cream, just AE leather lotion and Bicks 4 which are pretty much identical. They have seen at least 6 winters in Mn. and see the worst weather outside of my boots.
  The AE for BB shoes are recraftable. It is the RL shoes that are not. The AE Italian line can be recrafted but not with the original Italian soles.
In my experience yes, the Premium Shoe Polish contains enough cream that you can do without the dedicated cream. The Carnauba Wax polish will give a higher shine but the shine with the Premium Shoe Polish is acceptable IMO for most shoes.
I too gave up on the 8 last. The 5 last is my favorite and I feel that I have even more room in it than the 1 last. Although the 1 fits me very well also. My TTS is 10D and I tried the Clifton in 10D, 10.5D, and 9.5E, the fit was less than perfect in all sizes, in E my heel also swims in all lasts, so I finally came to the conclusion that the 8 is just not going to work with my feet.
    Nice! And have a safe journey :-)   Maiden voyage with my Townley's today. Early morning start so no bright sun to highlight them. But haze gray brown and underway anyhow:
Nice! This morning I actually had my Shelton's in my hand and debated wearing them. Last night I had already planned to wear a suit, then this morning remembered all of today's meetings got moved. It was too early for my mind to figure what to wear with the Shelton's so I took the easy way out and just wore the suit and Cambridge's. The description on the AE web site for them back when they were polished cobbler leather recommends wearing them with light colored pants but...
    Very nice and I wish you well on your shake down cruise. Love those blue socks too!   Cambridge today:
Ahh such a confused sole soul....   Well played New Shoes1, very well played good sir.   Nice to see 3 shell Strands today 
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