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      Looking good Pastor! When the chance comes again I will pick up the burgundy to go with my brown.
Elgin today:
My shell shoes and boots fit just slightly larger than calf in the same models for the reason you stated. Not enough to change width or size in my experience, just a little bit. My walnut shell Dalton's actually have a little more room in them than my calf and shell Leeds however that could just be my particular boot. I wish, but the problem is that like the article said there are no slaughter houses in the US for horses, the last one closed 6 years ago. That was when the...
What a great set of pictures of a great shoe. Thank you for doing that. I agree that they turned out well, and look great. You know someone makes a candle that smells like cordovan leather. And no I will not post a link for it because if I find it again I'm afraid I'd buy one!  When you get a chance please send me a PM with your address. I received several care packages over the years while overseas from strangers and just realized I have never done the same, It is time....
    Thank You! No wax or polish since I got them last summer. They are the "new" finish and arrived loaded with cream. Could hardly see the burnishing that was under the cream so spent 4 or 5 evenings when new Reno and brushing them till they were clean:   Since then just the Mac method.
Aye, there is no hope once you start down that slippery slope that is shell. The 3 choices that you are considering I have all 3 of them in walnut shell. My personal goal is to acquire a boot, chukka, and shoe all in each color of shell offered by AE. Be careful what you wish for!
For my foot yes, the 1 and 5 last are TTS for me in shell and calf. For the Dublin leather in the rough collection I need to size down a half size just like the Alden Barrie last. But others have had to do different combinations for proper fitment between the 1 and 5 last.
  Hopefully Sazon will still post pictures when he gets a chance too. There are always color variations in the materials and of course lighting effect. Here is an older picture I have comparing them.   Walnut calf to the far left, other 2 are walnut shell.
But of course. However I blame sevenfoldtieguy. His collection of shell has to be the Pope & Young museum equivalent for horses... Oh my goodness, I AM normal!! Yes I think of many purchases in the terms of shell purchases including checks to the IRS, etc. Whew I was starting to get worried there for awhile! When I got home tonight the over sized hammock that the girlfriend wanted was sitting outside the garage, going to take me half a day to put that beast up in the...
I agree with this. I am wearing the Marlow today.   It is the only C&J I own, likely will not get another. Have a couple pairs of Alden shell also. But have XX pairs of AE and feel they are as good as any of the others in the price range you are looking at.
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