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Thank you for the kind words, however I do not even come close to belonging in the same sentence as MWS when it comes to shoe construction knowledge! Hope all is well with you and the family WI. If possible try each and all of them on and pick the best fit. As long as it is something you also like and fits your style IMO. The Patriots are one of the few loafers that fit me well without heel slip. I ended up purchasing them in both brown and burgundy shell. The brown shell...
Those turned out well, very well. I use mine in fairly rough conditions, off road if you will, and the original soles work in my case because of the lugs and traction. Yes they were fairly stiff until broke in and bet yours are very comfortable especially on hard surfaces. Mine have taken a lot of abuse but they always bounce back with a brushing and occasional suede spray. 
Thanks, really wish I could tell you how I do it and have tried on here in the past to tell others. It is almost feel as much as anything.... Prefer to do it when they warm, soon as I take them off. I really wet them down good then quickly brush them moving the water around until it dries. I don't worry about a shine at that point just brush until the water is gone and they turn kind of dull. Then I slow down and work in small sections using the wrist like Mac says....
 Well worn even in wet grass and rain After a visit to B. Nelson
I like it. Of course for Natural the Dundee would be MY choice.   No doubt in my mind that they will look great in your collection no matter which way you go with the colors.
Last week I picked up a new to me dog, a fully finished 5 year old English Setter. The owner passed away a year and a half ago and the widow wanted it to go to a home where it would hunt. I always worked with pups, this is my first so called rescue dog. I am shocked at how fast we are bonding he is laying at my feet now. He is dominant but in the last few days has slowed down testing me. Took the day off from work yesterday to test him on some pheasants, homing pigeons and...
Yes they are and do look great. I really like the BayfieldCXL, black calf, cappuccino shell  Better view of the Cappuccino shell with indoor lighting so it looks more like brown shell. Well worn, great boot.
Thank you for the clarification Ron! I think the whole turpentine thing started when Kirby posted on his website Hanger Project that it causes the pores of shell to expand and damages it. Most likely he was told that when he visited the Saphir facilities. But even on the Saphir site not long ago they posted to get a high shine on your shell shoes or boots it is OK to use Saphir wax on the toes and heel counters because it contains so little turpentine it will not cause any...
Well done! I have found that water is key, and whenever I brush shell I always start with a wet wipe down first. And often repeat with another wet wipe down and brushing if I am not satisfied with the results in 5 minutes or so. Don't know if the Jefferson Shoebank still carries VSC but they used to at something like $3 a bottle and free shipping. Agree, that is a good comparison and IME it is spot on.
It is a dangerous place, at least for the savings account anyhow.
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