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Last week I picked up a new to me dog, a fully finished 5 year old English Setter. The owner passed away a year and a half ago and the widow wanted it to go to a home where it would hunt. I always worked with pups, this is my first so called rescue dog. I am shocked at how fast we are bonding he is laying at my feet now. He is dominant but in the last few days has slowed down testing me. Took the day off from work yesterday to test him on some pheasants, homing pigeons and...
Yes they are and do look great. I really like the BayfieldCXL, black calf, cappuccino shell  Better view of the Cappuccino shell with indoor lighting so it looks more like brown shell. Well worn, great boot.
Thank you for the clarification Ron! I think the whole turpentine thing started when Kirby posted on his website Hanger Project that it causes the pores of shell to expand and damages it. Most likely he was told that when he visited the Saphir facilities. But even on the Saphir site not long ago they posted to get a high shine on your shell shoes or boots it is OK to use Saphir wax on the toes and heel counters because it contains so little turpentine it will not cause any...
Well done! I have found that water is key, and whenever I brush shell I always start with a wet wipe down first. And often repeat with another wet wipe down and brushing if I am not satisfied with the results in 5 minutes or so. Don't know if the Jefferson Shoebank still carries VSC but they used to at something like $3 a bottle and free shipping. Agree, that is a good comparison and IME it is spot on.
It is a dangerous place, at least for the savings account anyhow.
Seeing how there is some interest in the Bayfields, well worn Cappuccino shell with mini lug on sole only, standard heel-  
 They look great! Wish they would have had a pair in my size when that happened. Congrats on the 10th pair of shell, I seem to recall trying to warn you when you were considering your first pair of shell to see what it was all about  You have a fantastic collection of shell shoes GOP, very well done.Agree, welcome! LOL I have that post and link by englade321 saved in my google docs. It should be in a shell hall of fame somewhere.
I have had the same exact thoughts more than once that you posted. So you can get out of my head now...  But recently on AAAC I posted that shoe fit is number 1 and got lambasted, even a mod said it is tertiary. Obviously there are varying views on the subject of fit so I am trying to stay out of it. But personally I hate heel slip and have gotten rid of boots that have it if I can't fix it in someway like cork heel grips used in ski boots, etc. Shoes with heel slip can be...
Both made by AE so construction is outstanding, and durability is also fantastic. Although I treat my 744's pretty rough compared to my cappuccino Bayfields which I use for both dress and casual wear. I really like them both, a lot, and use them for different occasions. I would purchase either again in a heartbeat if something were to happen to my existing ones. The Bayfield is on the 1 last however it has the poron insole. I am normally a 10D in the 1 and 5 last, which is...
There is a good chance that it is polished cobbler leather although they haven't made the PA in it for a long time now. If the number inside the shoe is 5675 then it is the old cobbler leather number for the PA. My Sheltons are polished cobbler and they have held up well, although I don't really care for the creasing so much. But make for a good foul weather shoe.
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