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Walnut shell Dalton's today, they have aged well and I really like the color they have developed over the last couple of years.  
 My experience with AE customer service has also been outstanding. Several of us have tried to warn others about the addiction of shell, usually to no avail. A bit more than 2 years ago englade321 did an outstanding job of it IMO:  
@RichieP Thank You!   Those that picked the Patriots up in both brown and burgundy will not be disappointed IMO. I have them in both brown and burgundy shell, the brown I wear more casually around the house and even a yard\deck shoe. After about a year I had B. Nelson resole the burgundy with the equivalent of the Alden antique edge sole and am very pleased with the results.     Speaking of Long Wings and tassel loafers one of my favorite loafers is the Manchester,...
Lots of good advice in this post and the others relating to it. The Clifton is on the 8 last and I could not get it to work for my foot either. I tried every permutation possible but in the end it was a no go for me and the Clifton. Yet others have said the 8 is their favorite last, it all depends on the individual and your feet.
The thought did cross my mind, several times a day LOL! But I just couldn't see myself wearing navy or green with anything that I own. Others have pulled it off but I work in a very conservative environment. I really need to update this picture now that they have some age and sunlight on them.  Burgundy, Black, Walnut, Brown, and Cappuccino (Truffle) Shell
Thank you for the kind words Pepper. I couldn't bring myself to put a spoiler on those Dundee's, your right they are darkening nicely and look great! I really don't need any more Dundee's but I am jealous of those....
Mine are the older hard model which are no longer made, but yes they work in all my AE shoes and boots. I did use the chart at the time and it worked for those. If on the border between 2 sized I think I'd go with the smaller size first.
I also have very low volume feet and an option the Shoe Snob failed to mention in the link you posted is to take up additional volume with inserts. AE used to and may still sell Superfeet Men's Superfeet Delux Men's Insoles Three-quarter Length for dress shoes. They work very well for me in most cases. Some of my more favorite casual AE footwear still in production are the Leeds and Wilbert which fit me with the Superfeet inserts. The Dundee works also and the the Patriot...
Great looking pup! Lefty you always give great advice.   Speaking of pups....         He thinks he is the honey badger but the old Toller let him know that he is still the sheriff in town. He hit him in the face pretty hard and just missed the eyeball. Going to be awhile before the new pup is steady to wing and shot LOL but already doing well on delivery to hand. 
Thank you for the kind words, however I do not even come close to belonging in the same sentence as MWS when it comes to shoe construction knowledge! Hope all is well with you and the family WI. If possible try each and all of them on and pick the best fit. As long as it is something you also like and fits your style IMO. The Patriots are one of the few loafers that fit me well without heel slip. I ended up purchasing them in both brown and burgundy shell. The brown shell...
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