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I picked up the MacNeil a couple of weeks ago on here from a fellow member on here. It is a blue lining and he did a fantastic job on the makeup, but AE messed his MTO and they had a natural welt and dark edge trimming on the soles. I sanded down the sole edges and applied 4 coats of natural AE edge dressing I'm very pleased with the outcome. When I read that AE was running out of cappuccino my first thought was to order another pair. But I had 3 in walnut and 3 in...
Cappuccino Shell, also referred to as Truffle by AE  
IMO it is as important to clean them before you condition them. I use Fiebing 100% Glycerine Saddle Soap and water on CXL first and let it dry completely before conditioning them. I use a knuckle brush that you clean your nails with, the bristles aren't too hard or soft, just about right to restore the nap on the CXL. After brushing them with the saddle soap I rinse the soap off with a small stream of hot water out of the deep sink. The Glycerine helps condition the...
 X2, very well done.
Check, Double Check and Triple Check.... Well said! I will also add that adding 400 jobs for the good people in Wi. over the last 4 years means something to me too. No I did not, for the same exact reason Nick stated. Although I heard it from Debbie at AE when I was thinking of putting butyl soles on my cappuccino Bayfields. She says sometimes it works but other times it does not and there is no way to tell. Once they start to come off nothing will stick and the soles will...
You mean like these?   [[SPOILER]]  I agree the Bayfield can handle a lot, one of the reasons I own 3 pair of them. CXL, calf and shell  Hope the Fall brings something back in the way of a boot that is decent. Last couple of years we have gone through this around the same time of the year but seems like more and more classics and great styles are gone now. Going through the shoebank website I can't seem to get excited over any offerings in my size for either shoes or boots.
An old add from Filson that was a classic for many years that shows a duffle holding a VW Engine hung from a crane hook.
 I wore nothing but Red Wings for more than 30 years, the Vasque Sundowner. From the mid 70's until 10 years ago I wore them for everything everywhere and around the world, hunting, hiking, etc. Then the last pair I bought the soles delaminated in the first month. Found out later that Red Wing had moved production from Italy to China and ruined the best boot ever made IMO. It sent me in search of a replacement and I decided to start wearing different boots for various...
 Correct. The keg of Red Dot gunpowder that my Toller is sitting in for my avator I purchased in 83  after I took the USS Coral Sea around the world. You can only get 8 lb. kegs of gunpowder for quite awhile now. Eddie Bauer was an upland hunter and dog man among other things but he was passionate about it.
Looking good! I wish my heels were not so narrow and they would have worked for me. Really limits me now that I know the Barrie last does not fit me. But I am VERY pleased to see they have found such a great home 
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