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Using too much polish causes the buildup in the perfs. Q-tip will get it out or a toothpick, very carefully. Causes no harm but does not look good IMO. Less polish. The video rumjt posted a link to is a good one IIRC.
With the assumption that you are talking about the CXL version same as your McTavish, half size down from your "normal" size. At least that was the story several years ago haven't been on there in a long time. Do not own a pair of the 1K CXL however do own the made by AE for Wolverine 744 shells.   With the Eastports I have the tan. From previous experience I know they are going to show stains and spots being so light so use saddle soap to clean and HDLP to protect and...
Did someone say Cappuccino? 
Here is a picture of the Shell Strands with a view of the soles.  
I really think the double sole on the Cambridge works well and I wear them a fair amount. I do wear my Strands as much or more.  My Strands are walnut shell and I think the single sole works better on them. But without seeing a pair done with double soles can't say 100% for sure. In the end it is what you think works for you.
Amen. Although I am cool with meat and small prairie mammals. Does a small mammal on the prairie count with birds?    [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]
If you go back a long ways in these threads think you find me saying the same thing about Bick 4, I agree.  This was after I thought I destroyed a pair of Wilbert's from changing a car tire on my sisters car in a parking lot that had very abrasive pavement in the middle of summer. But overall I use different conditioners and cleaners depending on leather and some other factors play in also. But hard to go wrong with Bick 4.
Example.... Go to the Pentagon or any formal State of Affairs where the military is present. The most formal military dress uniform will be wearing a PTB. Because the military issue black PTB leaves a lot to be desired good chance that a number of them will be AE black calf Leeds. It has been 20 years since I have retired but still feel a black or burgundy PTB shoe is always a good shoe, for any circumstance. I will wear black calf and burgundy Leeds with suits, in...
Agree with your assessment of the older ones I have no experience with the newer ones. Dainite soles on wet marble and tile used to be more slippery than leather soles. And worthless in snow and worse than worthless on ice. Never understood why some liked them so much, sounds like the new ones are finally better.
You did a great job on them. My "new" 10.5D CXL has the same issue as yours and causes creasing at and just in front of the toe cap. Thank goodness the black calf and shell do not have that issue. When the Bayfields were in production some of the early ones seemed to have quite a few problems in the QA department and it took awhile for things to settle out. And they also seemed to show up more times than not in the CXL model.
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