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Fiennes just wore it better in my opinion, Craig gets all the attention because he is Bond but Fiennes fared well in the movie too..he's older now still carries himself well.
If you're not comfortable with it just return it, and in case it still wont fit after alteration, request for a refund instead.
I think it's ok to argue with your fiancee on a few matters, BUT when it comes to wedding details..give her your utmost support because whether you like it or not it is the bride who ultimately makes the decisions with this things. .well at least that's what happened with my wedding.
I heard that William Fioravanti bespoke suits can fetch for $10,000 and more. That is quite a luxury suit. Imagine spilling wine on that suit....
Pure wool/cashmere would be good for winter.
Hows about a midnight blue tuxedo to veer away from the usual black.
When it comes to online purchases, I always follow up via email or call the hotline - feel free to nag them if you want to there's no harm in following up plus that's what their customer service is for.
There are so many options for online made to measure suits or shirts, but if you're ordering online you have to be sure of your measurements as some online MTMs will ask you for it before proceeding with your order.
Dress like James Bond? You mean the clothes designed for Daniel Craig and move like him? If you prefer tight-fitting custom suits be my guest..I dare you to run in it too.
  Absolutely, it is recommended though when getting fitted to always wear your best fitting clothes so the tailor can make the necessary notes about your style, so there's little room for error on the part of the tailor.
New Posts  All Forums: