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    That looks good. May I ask how much it cost you?
Polyester helps the fabric last longer but the bad thing is it can be environmentally hazardous since it hardly erodes.
  Harsh..but I agree.
I think you can do better with, as suggested here, chinos or wool pants  rather than jeans for your business casual look. Also, your jacket's length should be just long enough to cover your butt. And to give the illusion of height choose darker trousers.
  Sounds about right..especially the part where you should wash your a**
  You can go with a light blue striped shirt and maroon tie for contrast.
I think it's good to have both the lighter and darker shade of grays, to my opinion, both are quite versatile. Having white stripes may seem daunting but the key would have to be pairing them with a solid tie to balance the look.
Agree. Or you can find better another type on ebay for even less the cost.
the pants look shirt as well as the sleeves, and the cuffs should be visible a little bit.
I think the lapels are too wide and the pants too long, but the suit itself looks luxurious.
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