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You don't always have to wear a tie with that jacket, small patterns like  striped or checkered shirt would be quite nice then pair it with a slimmer cut wool pants.
  People don't like to see pictures of just kids, they want something more, your recent trips, what you ate for lunch or something. All the mundane stuff.
I'm sure you'll find a suit appropriate for you in Nordstrom, try calling them first to maximize your time.
The ones that I particularly like are the Tie Bar online and Etro over at Nordstrom.
If you have the budget for it, there are Burberry, D&G you can check out in retail - or your safe bet Brooks Brothers.
the 1st one would be a nice choice in my opinion.
You'll just have to balance the dark suit with a lighter shirt/ vibrant tie.
They don't need to match, but on a personal note that's wht I did at my wedding. It really depends on what you want, it is your wedding after all.
I think I have 20-30 ties mostly solids but there are a few patterned ones. What I don't have are bright red ties..nothing flashy.
I think he already bought a tie given the last post in here.
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