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mine shrunk mostly in arm length and back length, shrank just a tad in the body.
I wear the slim fit oxford in S and its definitely not tight but it fits well everywhere. The XS flannels fit closely but it fits tighter than my oxfords after washing. The sleeves have the most drastic shrinking though. I'd get S  if you prefer a looser fit with your flannels. I'm 6'1" 160lb if that helps.      Anyone try the heattech sweaters? I'm curious as to how they perform, seems gimmicky but my heattech shirts are great.
are they going to have those $10 or so premium cotton shirts again? i heard something like they come back for spring but i dunno anything about that. the colors are better than dry fit and these fit me superbly
i placed an order over a week ago (friday), it was processed the same day, and it still hasn't shipped :|
anyone got a picture of the utility parka in dark grey? the color on the site doesn't really look that grey
  i ordered monday afternoon and still haven't gotten anything 
are they gone in most sizes? i'm interested in these in S .. 
XS in both.
anyone know if they're going to restock UU stuff? i'm specifically looking at the light cotton t's and hooded blouson
so is pretty much all the +J stuff gone now? I was thinking of copping the duffle and light down parka, which are pretty cheap. also how is the sizing? I tried on a 36" peacoat from H+M once and it fit pretty well, would an XS or S fit similarly (or a little smaller)?
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