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Thanks, Wes!  I think that's it.
It's been dry around my parts lately.  Orphan jackets seem to be multiplying, though.    Everything available.     [[SPOILER]]       [[SPOILER]]   Peek-a-boo tie   [[SPOILER]]   Can anyone help me identify these shells?  There's little to go on.   [[SPOILER]]       [[SPOILER]]
Spoo: IN
I did as well.  Went back to try to get a pair for my brother, but no luck.  If any of y'all got the walnut in 11 1/2, hit me up!
Hit a few stores today, but found bupkis.  Did pick this up at Marshalls for super cheap, mainly because it was Cucinelli.  Not sure if/when I'll rock it.   http://boutique.brunellocucinelli.com/navigation.asp?tskay=4646EF6F#/item/c/957/cod10/46234357LI/gender/D/season/main  
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