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Wes or Brian, definitely.
Yeah, I saw that too, but I thought they might be worth it.  Especially since I had to make an exchange (for store credit) and had an expiring coupon.  Are you in the burbs as well?   Here you go, Wes.  They do look older, though I wouldn't really know. [[SPOILER]]         Thanks!
Everything available, except the ties in the last pic.   NWT Replay Selvedge - Any denim-heads have any opinions? 28x32   [[SPOILER]] Anyone have BIG feet?   AE - Anyone know the model (or similar)? - Wes?     PRL rainbow cotton, PS, Gucci     PRL wool, T&A, Rubinacci, Canali - N/A
I think it got looked over, but I posted that I was done a while ago.  
Not a bad couple of days . . .   ALSO - YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN KILLIN' IT LATELY!    Everything available, except where noted.   Shoes: N/A   9B - Park Ave 0 10   Hats:   M ~7     Pants:       Suits:   42R Flannel     43R x2     Ties:   N/A   N/A     N/A Shirts: L   17.5   N/A
JUST LISTED!     Newly listedGAP Original 1969 38x36 Raw Redline Selvedge Selvage Slim Jeans HARDLY WORN!         Newly listedHUGO BOSS Baldessarini White Purple Brown Plaid Check Linen Cotton 17 43...
Why you tryin' to tweed-block me??   Edit: DONE!
Wes - Any chance your tweed-reach extends to Illinois?  The week before this started, Harris Tweeds were easy to come by.  Now . . . not so much.  9/10
I'm 6/10, w/ the bonus selfie.  Hopefully, I'll finish tomorrow morning.
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