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All but the fedora, polaroid, and eBay tag.  But as a teaser . . .   [[SPOILER]]   Jim is awesome!   QUESTION - Should we be obscuring faces of these employees?  Jim said it was cool once I explained it to him, but I don't think one can ever fully explain why someone needs to take a picture of you while holding a picture of Frenchy.
Hit a LOT of stores on one of my last big thrift days before school begins.  Quality, if not quantity . . .   Corneliani Wool/Mohair Suit - N/A   So angry that this is a little too small for me.  PS by Sammy Wool/Linen/Silk - 39S - available   Older Coat by Boglioli - N/A   Out of curiosity, can anyone tell me the age?  It certainly seems older than any other I've seen.   [[SPOILER]]    Big thanks to CONCEALED for throwing in some extras on our last trade!   
All but 3 done.  Hopefully I'll finish up this morning.  The online cost/eBay tag does me in, though.
Dang, I think this one's going to be harder than the last.
JUST LISTED!     Newly listedSTUNNING Electric Blue Floral Geometric BRIONI Long Silk Neck Tie EUC Italy 3.75         Newly listedRECENT HICKEY FREEMAN Charcoal Gray Madison Birdseye Suit Jacket Pants EUC...
+1 - Thanks, Spoo!
Wes or Brian, definitely.
Yeah, I saw that too, but I thought they might be worth it.  Especially since I had to make an exchange (for store credit) and had an expiring coupon.  Are you in the burbs as well?   Here you go, Wes.  They do look older, though I wouldn't really know. [[SPOILER]]         Thanks!
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