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    But seriously, congrats, Brian!  With school starting up again tomorrow, I don't think I'll have the time to challenge again for a while.
I think I got everything except for the eBay sign.       Tweed luggage     Bookend (only 1, I'm afraid)   Contrast collar & cuffs   Pink Sunglasses   AE     Made in England Docs   4 Buttons   Down Vest (feather in 2nd pic to confirm)         Jim!   Cufflinks           Square end knit ties (cotton)       Silk (made in China) squares   Polaroid...
I've got everything except the fedora & the eBay sign.
I think he needs to learn to use the quote button.
All but the fedora, polaroid, and eBay tag.  But as a teaser . . .   [[SPOILER]]   Jim is awesome!   QUESTION - Should we be obscuring faces of these employees?  Jim said it was cool once I explained it to him, but I don't think one can ever fully explain why someone needs to take a picture of you while holding a picture of Frenchy.
Hit a LOT of stores on one of my last big thrift days before school begins.  Quality, if not quantity . . .   Corneliani Wool/Mohair Suit - N/A   So angry that this is a little too small for me.  PS by Sammy Wool/Linen/Silk - 39S - available   Older Coat by Boglioli - N/A   Out of curiosity, can anyone tell me the age?  It certainly seems older than any other I've seen.   [[SPOILER]]    Big thanks to CONCEALED for throwing in some extras on our last trade!   
All but 3 done.  Hopefully I'll finish up this morning.  The online cost/eBay tag does me in, though.
Dang, I think this one's going to be harder than the last.
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