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Those are both great, but that tweed 3 2 piece . . .
Haven't been out too much lately, but did pick this 3 piece tux up last weekend in conjunction with the Scavenger Hunt.  I found a little bit about the company, but was wondering if anyone knew anything more or had any idea about age.  (N/A)   This thing is HEAVY and seems well made, but would love it if anyone has any more info.     [[SPOILER]]       Now I just need to get a set of studs to have a complete black tie rig.
This stuff is available, preferably for trade, but hit me up either way.   Ike Behar Silk/Linen Wool, MII, Tagged 50 - fits like a 38R.  I tried to make this work, but I'm no 38.     [[SPOILER]]   EZ Navy Chino/Jeans - Tagged 32, but fit like a 30x28       [[SPOILER]]   Boglioli Navy (Not Quite Herringbone) Subtle Stripe Suit 48 IT   [[SPOILER]]
Hit a few places today.   N/A - Also checked something off my scavenger hunt list!   Cherry popped x2 - Available; both tagged L, but fit like a slim M   Seersucker     Also, some back to school thrift fits.  I need to get some better fitting S/S jackets this F/W. [[SPOILER]]
  Also, 24 hour thrift stores?
    But seriously, congrats, Brian!  With school starting up again tomorrow, I don't think I'll have the time to challenge again for a while.
I think I got everything except for the eBay sign.       Tweed luggage     Bookend (only 1, I'm afraid)   Contrast collar & cuffs   Pink Sunglasses   AE     Made in England Docs   4 Buttons   Down Vest (feather in 2nd pic to confirm)         Jim!   Cufflinks           Square end knit ties (cotton)       Silk (made in China) squares   Polaroid...
I've got everything except the fedora & the eBay sign.
I think he needs to learn to use the quote button.
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