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JUST LISTED!   Newly listedSTAPLE CARUSO Hand Made Navy Blue Pin Stripe Suit Jacket Pants EUC 42 US 54 L IT           Newly listedNWT CALVIN KLEIN Dark Green Garment Wash Corduroy Jacket Sport Coat Blazer M 39           Newly listedLands End Rust Red...
Awesome haul, Chet!
Checked 8 or so items off the list today.  Stores were really packed, though, so I opted to skip looking for a few items until things were calmer.  I did get a lot of weird looks when taking pics, though. 
Labor Day sales were crazy, but worth it.  Everything is for myself, except the Caruso.   Who's ready for fall?   4x Cordings of Piccadilly         [[SPOILER]]     Gucci, APC OCBD, Relwen     Alden for BB Shell Loafers - w/ the Horween stamp!   [[SPOILER]]     Older Caruso - Tagged 54L - Available       [[SPOILER]]     Older Burberrys' by Chester Barrie   [[SPOILER]]     Also, there was this . . .      
I actually did the above first, but he still wanted to go through with it.  I didn't, however, send him any photos of the stain.  I'll contact him again w/ photos to ensure that he's still OK with it, though.   EDIT: He still wants the item.  Below is the full communication between the two of us.  Like Spoo suggested, I'm shipping the item and sent him a 20% refund w/out being asked.  I hope he still enjoys the item.   [[SPOILER]]
I put up some fall stuff this weekend, and one item was bought at the BIN price almost immediately.  Upon getting it ready for shipping, I noticed stains along the hem.  I still can't believe that I didn't notice them in store or while taking pics.     Since they weren't disclosed in the listing or pics, I canceled the transaction and instructed the buyer that I was very sorry and he should cancel the transaction.  This morning, I find that he's denied that request...
I'm definitely in again.
Just one stop today.  Did pick up my 3rd BoO shirt in a week, along with a couple of Billy Reid shirts. (N/A)  
JUST LISTED!   Newly listedVTG ABERCROMBIE & FITCH Multi-Color Tweed Suede Baseball Cap Hat EUC 7 Med USA         Newly listedRECENT PAUL STUART by Samuelsohn Wool Silk Linen Jacket Sport Coat Blazer 38...
I won't be out until Monday, so here are my pics.  No chance of winning, but it's still fun.     snow globe   [[SPOILER]]   6M dress shoes   [[SPOILER]]     NWT socks   Ticket pocket   3 pieces - no tweeds :(   [[SPOILER]]     bats   wing collared tux shirt   1 button peak lapel unvented 3 piece tux   [[SPOILER]]
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