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MY BROTHA Also, adding to the "get well soon"s for Eazy.
330, Dolphin Fan
I'm fine with it, with the exception of those berets. Really lovin' that jacket!
That explains it.  I thought it looked weird; good thing it was only $1!
Was in beautiful Boca Raton for a week and hit a few thrifts, but didn't find anything.  @330 - wish I'd known you were down there, I'd have hit you up for some spots!   Got back the other day and almost immediately hit the thrifts.  Like most of you have been saying, there's not much out there, but I did find a couple of things for myself.   RLBL glen plaid suit - This thing is AWESOME!  Easily the nicest, best fitting suit (for myself) I've ever picked off of...
No power, internet or TV for 2 days.  That didn't stop my thrifting, though!  Didn't find much, but I did find this, which is AVAILABLE.   BB "Made in Italy" brown/black hounds tooth, made with Loro Piana cloth, 3/2, 2 patch pockets, 44L     [[SPOILER]]     Also, following this thread is a pain over 3G on an iPhone.  Could one of you techie guys develop a SF app?  Thanks.
I know, I know, but I did put "Burberrys'" in the title and showed the tag.  I just figured that no one would be searching for "Burberrys'", so it wouldn't hurt to employ a little SEO.  Tbf, I didn't put "Burberry London" or "Burberry Prorsum" or anything like that.  I sold an actual "Burberry London" sport coat for $25 just today, though.     The main point was that I was asking for help from some experience eBayers.  I've been on eBay for 2 weeks and HATE IT!  Too much...
I would have been happy if it sold at all.  The Oxxford & Hugo Boss I was selling sold for less than $100 each!
Can someone explain to me how this sale I made just happened?  Did I screw up in my listing?  It wasn't misleading, was it?  
[[SPOILER]] And here I thought I had a decent thrifting day!  
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