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I would have been happy if it sold at all.  The Oxxford & Hugo Boss I was selling sold for less than $100 each!
Can someone explain to me how this sale I made just happened?  Did I screw up in my listing?  It wasn't misleading, was it?   http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=330753198757#ht_629wt_1270  
[[SPOILER]] And here I thought I had a decent thrifting day!  
Everything AVAILABLE, unless otherwise noted.   Cuff links and tie bars (some in sets).  Too many, so I'll spoiler the pics.     [[SPOILER]] BBBF OCBD - NOT AVAILABLE   RT shantung (I believe) silk tie - NOT AVAILABLE       [[SPOILER]]
What happened to the other one?  Did the recipient not post pics yet?
    But seriously, that's AWESOME!  I was wondering if it would sell.   Here's what I got today.  Everything available, unless otherwise noted.     Did I do good?  Gant Rugger blue w/ white stripes OCBD.  Tagged L, some wear along the edges (is that how it's supposed to be, or just regular wear?)   Wool Ties - Pendleton x2, Lands End x2 (Blackwatch NOT AVAILABLE)   Charles Hill (didn't know name, but "Made in England" & seemed nice), Rooster madras, LE irish linen...
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