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Chester Barrie is 40R, but it fits me, so . . . Yeah, I know the Oxxfords are worth a pick up, but I've trying to buy less stuff that doesn't fit me.  Mainly because I hate eBay and had some concerns about the one that I noted.
Hit up a few stores, but only picked this up.     I did pass up a couple of choice suits (I'm trying to get rid of stuff before I buy any more), which I'd be happy to proxy if anyone's interested.   PRL DB navy blue chalkstripe flannel - Made in USA, side vented, tagged 41R, pants - 36W, $30 PRL DB charcoal flannel w/ purple (I think) pinstripes - Made in USA, side vented, tagged 41R, pants 36W, $30   Oxxford solid navy blue - side vented, about a 44R,...
Ending Sunday:   - Zanella pants - Sulka, Ferragamo, PRL, NWT Canali, RT BOC, Vineyard Vines   Just Listed:   - Borrelli, Zegna, BB, Dunhill, PRL, Aquascutum ties
    46L       [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]         Cuff links and tie bars (some in sets).  Too many, so I'll spoiler the pics.       [[SPOILER]]
A few ties this evening.     Any CA people know this store?  Not sure who'd they have make their ties.       Unlabeled Ancient Madder - Can anyone ID?     Didn't kop (orphan).  Is this the good stuff?         Tie bar?  Sprezzatura?
  Seriously, though, I haven't found any quality denim yet!  Definitely at the top of my "to find" list. Klobber - I'm DEFINITELY finding those pants now!   Troika - 
Thanks for the selvege info, guys!  I didn't think they were based on my research, but I'd thought I'd check just to be sure.   Troika & Klobber - You know you NEED that Isaia!   The store I procured it at isn't exactly near me and I did tear the store apart looking for the pants, so I wouldn't hold out much hope, though. It isn't a raincoat.  Fall jacket.  Kind of a sueded-cotton kind of material.
Went into the city for a couple of hours yesterday.  Found one consignment shop where Oxxfords and Brionis were as common as Bert Pulitzer 'round my parts.  None of them were in my size, and, most importantly, they were all outrageously priced.     I did, however, find a few things, both in the city and the burbs.   NOT AVAILABLE:   Nordstrom olive camel hair   BB jacket   Paul Frederick (which I don't usually pick up, but it's linen/silk, side vented, ticket pocket,...
Holy hell!
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