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Good to know!  Thanks.
I'm no expert, but doesn't the label normally say "Prorsum" or "Prorsum Collection" in addition to the "Prorsum" on the knight's flag?
Thanks!  Care to thrift me a new one? 
Those Oxxfords!   Those are the kind of hauls that get one hooked.   I've been wanting to do a thrift fit pic for a while now, but haven't really worn anything particularly worthy or MC-ish all since school's out for summer.  I did go to a wedding this afternoon, though, so I thought I'd take a couple of pics.       [[SPOILER]]
Awesome haul!  If those shoulders were just a tad smaller . . . .
Just wanted to update the Isaia measurements, though I'm not sure anyone else is still interested.     Isaia   P2P - 23.25 W - 22.25 Sleeves - 25.5 Shoulders - 19 BOC - 31  
There's a TON of those Ferragamo/VV-type ties at my local Marshalls & TJ Maxx.
Chester Barrie is 40R, but it fits me, so . . . Yeah, I know the Oxxfords are worth a pick up, but I've trying to buy less stuff that doesn't fit me.  Mainly because I hate eBay and had some concerns about the one that I noted.
Hit up a few stores, but only picked this up.     I did pass up a couple of choice suits (I'm trying to get rid of stuff before I buy any more), which I'd be happy to proxy if anyone's interested.   PRL DB navy blue chalkstripe flannel - Made in USA, side vented, tagged 41R, pants - 36W, $30 PRL DB charcoal flannel w/ purple (I think) pinstripes - Made in USA, side vented, tagged 41R, pants 36W, $30   Oxxford solid navy blue - side vented, about a 44R,...
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