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I'm no expert, but doesn't the label normally say "Prorsum" or "Prorsum Collection" in addition to the "Prorsum" on the knight's flag?
Thanks!  Care to thrift me a new one? 
Those Oxxfords!   Those are the kind of hauls that get one hooked.   I've been wanting to do a thrift fit pic for a while now, but haven't really worn anything particularly worthy or MC-ish all since school's out for summer.  I did go to a wedding this afternoon, though, so I thought I'd take a couple of pics.       [[SPOILER]]
Awesome haul!  If those shoulders were just a tad smaller . . . .
Just wanted to update the Isaia measurements, though I'm not sure anyone else is still interested.     Isaia   P2P - 23.25 W - 22.25 Sleeves - 25.5 Shoulders - 19 BOC - 31  
There's a TON of those Ferragamo/VV-type ties at my local Marshalls & TJ Maxx.
Chester Barrie is 40R, but it fits me, so . . . Yeah, I know the Oxxfords are worth a pick up, but I've trying to buy less stuff that doesn't fit me.  Mainly because I hate eBay and had some concerns about the one that I noted.
Hit up a few stores, but only picked this up.     I did pass up a couple of choice suits (I'm trying to get rid of stuff before I buy any more), which I'd be happy to proxy if anyone's interested.   PRL DB navy blue chalkstripe flannel - Made in USA, side vented, tagged 41R, pants - 36W, $30 PRL DB charcoal flannel w/ purple (I think) pinstripes - Made in USA, side vented, tagged 41R, pants 36W, $30   Oxxford solid navy blue - side vented, about a 44R,...
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