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There's a TON of those Ferragamo/VV-type ties at my local Marshalls & TJ Maxx.
Chester Barrie is 40R, but it fits me, so . . . Yeah, I know the Oxxfords are worth a pick up, but I've trying to buy less stuff that doesn't fit me.  Mainly because I hate eBay and had some concerns about the one that I noted.
Hit up a few stores, but only picked this up.     I did pass up a couple of choice suits (I'm trying to get rid of stuff before I buy any more), which I'd be happy to proxy if anyone's interested.   PRL DB navy blue chalkstripe flannel - Made in USA, side vented, tagged 41R, pants - 36W, $30 PRL DB charcoal flannel w/ purple (I think) pinstripes - Made in USA, side vented, tagged 41R, pants 36W, $30   Oxxford solid navy blue - side vented, about a 44R,...
Ending Sunday:   - Zanella pants - Sulka, Ferragamo, PRL, NWT Canali, RT BOC, Vineyard Vines   Just Listed:   - Borrelli, Zegna, BB, Dunhill, PRL, Aquascutum ties
    46L       [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]         Cuff links and tie bars (some in sets).  Too many, so I'll spoiler the pics.       [[SPOILER]]
A few ties this evening.     Any CA people know this store?  Not sure who'd they have make their ties.       Unlabeled Ancient Madder - Can anyone ID?     Didn't kop (orphan).  Is this the good stuff?         Tie bar?  Sprezzatura?
  Seriously, though, I haven't found any quality denim yet!  Definitely at the top of my "to find" list. Klobber - I'm DEFINITELY finding those pants now!   Troika - 
Thanks for the selvege info, guys!  I didn't think they were based on my research, but I'd thought I'd check just to be sure.   Troika & Klobber - You know you NEED that Isaia!   The store I procured it at isn't exactly near me and I did tear the store apart looking for the pants, so I wouldn't hold out much hope, though. It isn't a raincoat.  Fall jacket.  Kind of a sueded-cotton kind of material.
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