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+1   Related question:   What do you guys use for templates on eBay?  I'm not a high-volume seller or anything, but I definitely need something cleaner.  Do you guys use a specific program or just use some eBay provided materials I'm missing?  If you're using a specific program, what would you recommend.
Just listed!  Alden x 2 (9.5 E), recent Isaia jacket, Canali shirt, Rubinacci tie, and various Brooks Brothers items!     Ending Sunday!  Pal Zileri jacket, NWT Canali tie, HF Bespoke jacket, FF Zanellas, and much more!
I'm fairly new to eBay myself . . . with that said, here's my thoughts:   I'd guess he's just not familiar with this particular brand/last and messed up on what his size should be.  Since you offer returns, I'd suggest you just take them back.  At least that seems the best possible outcome for all involved.  Just make sure you receive the item back (w/ tracking along the way) BEFORE you refund his money.     IF you want to fight it, however, he doesn't particularly have a...
Hit a lot of stores today, but didn't find much.   NWT (?) Paul Stuart - L (AVAILABLE)         [[SPOILER]]     Also picked up a couple of ties, a non-bragworthy SC for myself, and a Boss suit for the 'bay.
  Thanks for the info.  My research indicated as much.  They were completely in untouched, perfect condition, which was the only reason I thought someone might be interested.  Definitely a little plastic-y looking as well.
Would love to see pics of the RT!  As for the width: it depends on your build, etc., but I'd say 4'' is right out for most people.  If you like it enough, you can get it slimmed.  I've heard recommended in other places, though I haven't actually tried it myself.
Lookin' good.  Congrats!
I'm subscribed, fwiw.  I don't have much experience, yet, however.  Have enjoyed reading, though!
    Because someone was going to, and I thought I'd change it up.   But seriously, most of that is a pass.  You just need to learn to do some research on your own, pay attention to the thread, and learn to spot quality items.  I'm FAR behind most of the thread regulars on the latter, but I've learned a lot in a short time.  You will to.  Also: Google and eBay completed listings are your friend.       Also: This.
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