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Posting now, as I struck out today on my store runs.  My entries keep getting weaker and weaker.  I need to up my game for the next round.   Orange Snakes!   I couldn't recall the exact deets on this item.  It has an overcheck, I hope that works.   IT shirt   Euro beer glass   Tartan pants   Brass candle holder
 I say do it.  Weather/climate should dictate dress, not the month.  It was still warm here this week and I got a few more cottons and linens in before it cools down.
I think these are a topper! 
I'm in as well.
I'm done for the week, so I'll post mine.  I've come up short once again . . .   Cummerbunds Tweed Overcoat Pendleton Shirt - Actually donated by me a few weeks ago! Braces Woven Sandals Suede Shoes   French Cuffs Shell Leather Gloves Sewing Machine Yoga Mat Lamps  
Estate sales are fine with me.
JUST LISTED!   Newly listedSTAPLE CARUSO Hand Made Navy Blue Pin Stripe Suit Jacket Pants EUC 42 US 54 L IT           Newly listedNWT CALVIN KLEIN Dark Green Garment Wash Corduroy Jacket Sport Coat Blazer M 39           Newly listedLands End Rust Red...
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