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 I also use the PP Debit Card, and txwoodworker is right.  The only extra charge is for the ATM transactions, which you'd get for any out-of-branch ATM transaction.  The advantage of using it at a credit card is that you get 1% "cash back" on qualifying purchases (not sure of restrictions).  I only use it at thrift stores, though, and have received cash back for all of those purchases.
Posting now, as I struck out today on my store runs.  My entries keep getting weaker and weaker.  I need to up my game for the next round.   Orange Snakes!   I couldn't recall the exact deets on this item.  It has an overcheck, I hope that works.   IT shirt   Euro beer glass   Tartan pants   Brass candle holder
 I say do it.  Weather/climate should dictate dress, not the month.  It was still warm here this week and I got a few more cottons and linens in before it cools down.
I think these are a topper! 
I'm in as well.
I'm done for the week, so I'll post mine.  I've come up short once again . . .   Cummerbunds Tweed Overcoat Pendleton Shirt - Actually donated by me a few weeks ago! Braces Woven Sandals Suede Shoes   French Cuffs Shell Leather Gloves Sewing Machine Yoga Mat Lamps  
Estate sales are fine with me.
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