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Thanks for the confirmation!  Also, the BBGF is a 40R, so sleep tight. You could try here:
Yesterday was easily the best day for thrifting I've had in the last month.   UNAVAILABLE:   Oxxford tie - Made in England (by Drakes, right?)   BBGF LP Super 120's charcoal suit       [[SPOILER]] No-Name cord jacket.  I just really like the details, and it fit me.     PRL, Incotex   AVAILABLE:   Zegna khaki chinos 36x37   PRL "Made in Italy" 30x27 pants, double pleated, cuffed.  Corneliani? Man, I wish these fit!   BB "Made in England" navy duffle coat, 2XL   PRL...
YSL rive gauche & a RLPL cashmere suit!  I need to start hitting better places.  Seriously great finds JP & mrdeep!  
Great finds, esp. that Willis & Geiger!  That should get you some coin, IIRC.  As for the amp; Ross was a budget brand in the '70s, I believe.  But it should work for your purposes.  I've run a few through my crappy Peavy through the years.  I'd probably wait for the more experienced gearheads to weigh in, though.
Lookin' good!  I was just trying on some odd jackets in order to see what to get rid of, so I feel you.  At least I didn't have to put on a top coat! 
Wow!  Great hauls Eazy & JP!  JP - If any of those Oxxfords have 18-ish shoulders, you know I'm in!   Also, there's a new thrift forum out there?       [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, I was pretty stoked about them.  Just need to be hemmed, and they're all ready for fall. Wow!  I guess I can't complain about my couple of tubs of random stuff and SCs taking up half of my closet anymore.
    They were EXACTLY the same (color, fabric, size, etc.), though!  Found 40 miles apart in 2 different chains.  I do see what you're saying, though.  I often find a lot of similar items/brands dumped at once, but nothing as odd as this shirt.       The Boss was made in Turkey, so not as nice as the Italian or Swiss stuff, for sure.  That being said, most of the Boss suits/jackets I see are unvented and not very detailed, so this was a step up for me.  Still, I don't...
I dropped into my local GW this afternoon.  It was a good idea that I did.   Boss linen blazer (ticket pocket, side vents, seems well made) - fits me, though I'm not sure I like pinstripes on an odd jacket.  Probably going to the 'bay. 2 x recent HF trousers (double pleated, cuffed, fit me - one NWT)     Saw this and was all , until I saw one stain after another .   The most interesting part was this shirt.     It's nothing really special,...
DAAAAAAANNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!   Is that all for yourself?  If not, I'd love a couple of things. 
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