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    They were EXACTLY the same (color, fabric, size, etc.), though!  Found 40 miles apart in 2 different chains.  I do see what you're saying, though.  I often find a lot of similar items/brands dumped at once, but nothing as odd as this shirt.       The Boss was made in Turkey, so not as nice as the Italian or Swiss stuff, for sure.  That being said, most of the Boss suits/jackets I see are unvented and not very detailed, so this was a step up for me.  Still, I don't...
I dropped into my local GW this afternoon.  It was a good idea that I did.   Boss linen blazer (ticket pocket, side vents, seems well made) - fits me, though I'm not sure I like pinstripes on an odd jacket.  Probably going to the 'bay. 2 x recent HF trousers (double pleated, cuffed, fit me - one NWT)     Saw this and was all , until I saw one stain after another .   The most interesting part was this shirt.     It's nothing really special,...
DAAAAAAANNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!   Is that all for yourself?  If not, I'd love a couple of things. 
Yes, please!
Thanks!  I didn't even realize what the design was until I got it home.  - What size?  (Not that I need them.) Thrift fit pic?     I thrifted that EXACT same RG shirt a few months ago.  That's a Grendel-worthy retina burning thrift fit right there!    
Went shopping for a new office chair this morning, and found this: (Available)   Sorry, Brian, I think the arms are too long for you, IIRC.         [[SPOILER]]
I just got a medium and have the same height and weight as yourself.  I have a bit of a gut , though, so the medium's a big snug (on first wearing, at least).
ALL UNAVAILABLE:   Russell Moccasin Co.     Novelty ties! - Lock & Co. (perfect for my global warming & mammals units), Sulka (some sort of weird clip-art person on it), and Benjamin James (There were 20 duck ties, including Holland & Holland and Gucci.  Unfortunately, they were all stained.)  Also, Irish-made wool tie.     Authenticity check, please.     PLR MII (Marshalls) & Kent Wang (just came in the mail, not thrifted or...
Can anyone ID this label/maker?  I saw it today on a SC w/ Loro Piana cloth, but no other labels.  I've seen it previously on Nordstrom house brand stuff, as well as on Arnold Brand "Made in Canda" pieces.    
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