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Hickey Freeman, IIRC Yeah, I forgot you posted the pea coat.  That will definitely do well.  I got one like it on eBay a few years ago and just love it.
I picked up a number of older military pieces last fall, but have had mixed success moving them on eBay.  There is a market for them, but I haven't picked any up since then.  If it was cheap, though, you should do alright on it.
I'd say his price certainly does affect yours, though you have some possibly important differences IMO, at least to the right buyer.  Your piece is a different color and a smaller size (IIRC) than the one currently in stock from this seller, so if you wait it out you might get lucky.  I don't know what you were expecting price-wise from it, but I imagine you might have to settle for a bit less than that.  Also, I know that what the seller is offering isn't fake, but I...
I seriously thought it was this
AE Malverns (eBay) Patchwork tweed cap - 7 1/4 (AVAILABLE)   [[SPOILER]]     HF brown w/ multicolor overcheck.  Haven't measured it, but a little big for me, so around a 42R (AVAILABLE)   [[SPOILER]] Burberrys' navy trench.  Has the belt, but missing the zip-in liner.  Tagged 44L. (AVAILABLE)   [[SPOILER]]   PRL down vest (NOT AVAILABLE)   Paul Stuart (NOT AVAILABLE)   Nordstrom by Jacob Siegel Made in Italy Charcoal Lambswool Overcoat w/ Loro Piana Storm System....
  For the price I paid, the duffle is definitely the best bargain.  I was thinking Gloverall as well.  Anyway to know for sure?  My biggest problem is the size.  I'm wondering if the size will limit its market.   Spoo - The BBGF fits me nearly perfectly OTR, so I'll be keeping.  The sleeves are to short for you, anyhow.       That's what I was thinking, but only because I haven't heard of any other options.
Thanks for the confirmation!  Also, the BBGF is a 40R, so sleep tight. You could try here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/22382/ebay-suits-sportcoats-and-other-clothing/
Yesterday was easily the best day for thrifting I've had in the last month.   UNAVAILABLE:   Oxxford tie - Made in England (by Drakes, right?)   BBGF LP Super 120's charcoal suit       [[SPOILER]] No-Name cord jacket.  I just really like the details, and it fit me.     PRL, Incotex   AVAILABLE:   Zegna khaki chinos 36x37   PRL "Made in Italy" 30x27 pants, double pleated, cuffed.  Corneliani? Man, I wish these fit!   BB "Made in England" navy duffle coat, 2XL   PRL...
YSL rive gauche & a RLPL cashmere suit!  I need to start hitting better places.  Seriously great finds JP & mrdeep!  
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