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AE Malverns (eBay) Patchwork tweed cap - 7 1/4 (AVAILABLE)   [[SPOILER]]     HF brown w/ multicolor overcheck.  Haven't measured it, but a little big for me, so around a 42R (AVAILABLE)   [[SPOILER]] Burberrys' navy trench.  Has the belt, but missing the zip-in liner.  Tagged 44L. (AVAILABLE)   [[SPOILER]]   PRL down vest (NOT AVAILABLE)   Paul Stuart (NOT AVAILABLE)   Nordstrom by Jacob Siegel Made in Italy Charcoal Lambswool Overcoat w/ Loro Piana Storm System....
  For the price I paid, the duffle is definitely the best bargain.  I was thinking Gloverall as well.  Anyway to know for sure?  My biggest problem is the size.  I'm wondering if the size will limit its market.   Spoo - The BBGF fits me nearly perfectly OTR, so I'll be keeping.  The sleeves are to short for you, anyhow.       That's what I was thinking, but only because I haven't heard of any other options.
Thanks for the confirmation!  Also, the BBGF is a 40R, so sleep tight. You could try here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/22382/ebay-suits-sportcoats-and-other-clothing/
Yesterday was easily the best day for thrifting I've had in the last month.   UNAVAILABLE:   Oxxford tie - Made in England (by Drakes, right?)   BBGF LP Super 120's charcoal suit       [[SPOILER]] No-Name cord jacket.  I just really like the details, and it fit me.     PRL, Incotex   AVAILABLE:   Zegna khaki chinos 36x37   PRL "Made in Italy" 30x27 pants, double pleated, cuffed.  Corneliani? Man, I wish these fit!   BB "Made in England" navy duffle coat, 2XL   PRL...
YSL rive gauche & a RLPL cashmere suit!  I need to start hitting better places.  Seriously great finds JP & mrdeep!  
Great finds, esp. that Willis & Geiger!  That should get you some coin, IIRC.  As for the amp; Ross was a budget brand in the '70s, I believe.  But it should work for your purposes.  I've run a few through my crappy Peavy through the years.  I'd probably wait for the more experienced gearheads to weigh in, though.
Lookin' good!  I was just trying on some odd jackets in order to see what to get rid of, so I feel you.  At least I didn't have to put on a top coat! 
Wow!  Great hauls Eazy & JP!  JP - If any of those Oxxfords have 18-ish shoulders, you know I'm in!   Also, there's a new thrift forum out there?       [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, I was pretty stoked about them.  Just need to be hemmed, and they're all ready for fall. Wow!  I guess I can't complain about my couple of tubs of random stuff and SCs taking up half of my closet anymore.
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