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FOR ME:         Really cool Japanese hank.  Not great quality, but interesting.         FOR EBAY:   AVAILABLE: Dark green/blue weave w/ light brown windowpane.  Really awesome.  Wish it fit!     [[SPOILER]]
And I'm in even if they are pleated! 
Have been lurking here quite a while.  Based on the reviews, I decided for the same pair as you and now have the same dilemma.  The quality and fit are top notch, and the packaging and handwritten card were very classy.  Jamison, expect another return customer!
I'd say it's a grab as long as it's in good condition and wasn't too expensive.  eBay completed's weren't much help, though.  Maybe someone's eBay/Google-FU is much stronger, however.  What color & condition was it in?  I'd certainly be interested.
Giovanni by Domenico Vacca suit (Available) Measures about a 44R/L.  Does anyone know more about this?  I've heard of Vacca before, but was unsure of this "line".  From what I can tell it's just MTM.  Can anyone confirm or add?     [[SPOILER]]   T&A light blue/pink striped OCBD (Available) Measures about 15.5x36         [[SPOILER]]     Washington Tremlett shirt (Not Available) - Never heard of them before.  Apparently bespoke.  Really odd & small snap cuffs, though....
PRL tweed w/ all the fixins (ticket pocket, side vents, throat latch), 40R  Fresh from the dry cleaners, but, sadly, a bit too big in the shoulders for me. :(       [[SPOILER]]     P2P - 21 Waist - 19.5 Sleeves - 23 Shoulders - 19 BOC - 29.5
New Posts  All Forums: