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Just Listed!    
Thanks, guys, re: shell!  I thought they were, but I just needed some confirmation.     @ChetBakerSings - Some things cannot be unseen.   When I Googled a related phrase to see if there was a better pic, this came up.  In the tradition of "unicorns" and "skeet blanket", can we make this the shell confirmation pic?   @SeaJen - No, I haven't.  Work's been crazy lately, I just sent out 30 eBay packages last Sunday (a LOT for me), and I still have a ton of...
With all of the Vacca talk, I thought I'd bring this back since no one answered.   Quote: Originally Posted by bytor13  Giovanni by Domenico Vacca suit (Available) Measures about a 44R/L.  Does anyone know more about this?  I've heard of Vacca before, but was unsure of this "line".  From what I can tell it's just MTM.  Can anyone confirm or add?     [[SPOILER]]     Also, from earlier today.  Can anyone confirm?  It doesn't really matter, since I'm...
Hit a lot of stores yesterday, but only came up with these.  I'm still pretty happy, though.   Unavailable:     [[SPOILER]]   Florsheim Royal Imperials - are these shell?  There's no numbering left, but they kind of look like it to me.  I've never actually found a pair before, but do have a pair from eBay, which they look like.         [[SPOILER]]       Available: 17/43,  French Cuffs, some minor wear to one of the collar points   [[SPOILER]]
15.5x33? I'm your huckleberry.
I'm not sure on the age, but I just sold this one via Typhoid Jones' Etsy shop!  I'm sure he could tell you more.
Y'all have been killin' it latetly!  I just returned from a week-long school camping trip with 80 6th graders, and all I want to do is sleep.  But, I had to hit a couple of stores first!   A few things for me!       This is the Lavin you're looking for . . .      
FOR ME:         Really cool Japanese hank.  Not great quality, but interesting.         FOR EBAY:   AVAILABLE: Dark green/blue weave w/ light brown windowpane.  Really awesome.  Wish it fit!     [[SPOILER]]
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