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15.5x33? I'm your huckleberry.
I'm not sure on the age, but I just sold this one via Typhoid Jones' Etsy shop!  I'm sure he could tell you more.
Y'all have been killin' it latetly!  I just returned from a week-long school camping trip with 80 6th graders, and all I want to do is sleep.  But, I had to hit a couple of stores first!   A few things for me!       This is the Lavin you're looking for . . .      
FOR ME:         Really cool Japanese hank.  Not great quality, but interesting.         FOR EBAY:   AVAILABLE: Dark green/blue weave w/ light brown windowpane.  Really awesome.  Wish it fit!     [[SPOILER]]
And I'm in even if they are pleated! 
Have been lurking here quite a while.  Based on the reviews, I decided for the same pair as you and now have the same dilemma.  The quality and fit are top notch, and the packaging and handwritten card were very classy.  Jamison, expect another return customer!
I'd say it's a grab as long as it's in good condition and wasn't too expensive.  eBay completed's weren't much help, though.  Maybe someone's eBay/Google-FU is much stronger, however.  What color & condition was it in?  I'd certainly be interested.
New Posts  All Forums: