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Picked up a few things for myself this evening.   Does anyone know who makes this?  Made in Italy (tags in spoiler)     [[SPOILER]]   Woolrich - Anyone know what you'd call this kind of coat?     [[SPOILER]]    
And then you go and spoil it all, by saying something stupid like . . . "they're 9Ds".  Seriously, though, hit me up if those are available!   Hit a couple of stores today.   BB Country Club 35W - unworn and unhemmed (available)       [[SPOILER]]   Also picked up this belt at TJ Maxx.  I needed a new belt and it was only $7.  I was curious about it, though.  Anyone know what brand this is?   [[SPOILER]]   NOT PICTURED: AE Sanfords in whiskey for myself.   I also...
Did you get it to wear on your luxury recording yacht?       I've yet to measure them, but if they won't work for him . . . I've got to see if you're on the "nice" list first!
Hit up a couple of stores this morning . . .   First, though, is something I posted earlier as unavailable, but it hasn't quite worked for me.  So, I thought I'd throw it out there if anyone's interested.   PRL tweed 40R/S     [[SPOILER]]     Bought these for my secret Santa.  What do you guys think?     [[SPOILER]] AE Chester 8D (available)         [[SPOILER]]   Bally 9.5 M/D - available       [[SPOILER]]     AE LaSalle? 10E - available     [[SPOILER]]
It's really hard keeping up with this thread if you only check in once a week.  Nice finds, everyone!  I now feel a bit ashamed of my meager finds this past weekend.   Some Scottish wool ties and some silk knits for myself.                       [[SPOILER]]                                  
Awesome haul!    But that patch jacket is awesome!  More so for the NASA patches than the others, but seriously awesome.
I've got a bunch of stuff I've been meaning to get rid of, either here or on eBay.  I took pictures yesterday, but don't have time to measure or list right now.  I thought someone here might want something before it goes on eBay.   SWEATERS:   Alan Paine - 44 - Shetland       [[SPOILER]]     BBCC - L       [[SPOILER]]     Pendleton - L       [[SPOILER]]     Saks - L       [[SPOILER]]   SHIRTS:   BB - tag ripped out, but approximately 15x32 - purple label w/...
So . . . What have y'all been up to?    But, seriously: Everyone's been killing it lately!  I've been too busy to do any thrifting, but I did get out this morning.   Some finds from my local crappy TJ Maxx   Alden - 11C; Available   Actual cost + shipping for a slight fixer-upper They do have a minor tear in the leather that I must've missed.  Can anything be done about this?  I wouldn't care much if they were myself, but . . .     [[SPOILER]]   BB braces          ...
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