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Ending Sunday!!!               Just Listed!!!!  
Yeah, I can see how he might think that, but that's certainly not how I operate.  I would ask my brother to bid, but he doesn't have an eBay account and has 3 kids + a VERY pregnant wife right now, so I don't think it'd be worth it.  Since it was my mistake, I guess I'll just have to take any problems that come.
. . . . . .
Holy crap, you guys have been killin' it lately!  I thrifted my way downstate to for Thanksgiving, but only found this.       Found the above in my hometown.  Pop: 700
NWT VV Custom Collection - AVAILALBE   I found the next 2 ties @ Marshalls: On the fence about how much wear this will get, so AVAILABLE @ cost (Marshalls) + shipping (see spoiler)     [[SPOILER]]   This one's for me!   NWT BB Country Club - AVAILABLE     [[SPOILER]]   Pendleton shacket - I actually posted this a while ago and intended to keep, but it's just too big.  Fits more like a L.     [[SPOILER]]     HT w/ all the fixins - UNAVAILABLE     [[SPOILER]]...
Southwick for the Andover Shop tweed - 42R/L - AVAILABLE     [[SPOILER]]     Zegna soft overcoat - 46(L?) -  AVAILABLE     [[SPOILER]]
Does anyone know this tag?  Found on an Ike Behar SC.     [[SPOILER]]
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