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Items ending Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday!   ASCOT CHANG black white check french cuff 16x31 THOMAS MASON Dress Shirt NR EUC Expedited shipping available   Returns: Accepted within 14 days     Quick Look         CLASSIC STAPLE HARRIS TWEED gray...
I think I finally have some finds worthy of the "Thrift Awards"!    AVAILABLE     My first skeet blanket in a while.  Probably not hideous enough.   NOT AVAILABLE           [[SPOILER]]   And this came today!  Are we opening these yet?    
JUST LISTED!    VINTAGE HANOVER burgundy Horween #8 SHELL CORDOVAN Longwing Wingtip 11D Expedited shipping available   Returns: Accepted within 14 days     Quick Look 0 bids Buy It Now $42.86 $198.65 Free shipping Time left:Time left:Dec-09...
This only thrifting on Saturdays thing sucks . . .   No tagged size, but fit like an 11 - AVAILABLE   [[SPOILER]]     48L guys (Are there any of those on here?) get at me! (x3)     [[SPOILER]]   BB Silver Label (x2 - Charcoal, then Navy) - working cuffs, single vent, FF & cuffed pants     [[SPOILER]]         [[SPOILER]]   And, finally, some stuff for myself. 3x Japanese cotton squares, AE shoe trees, and a BB Makers tie.  
 - If Eazy passes and that has 18'' shoulders, GET AT ME!!
Here's my small attempt to aid Wes in covering the world in tweed.   Anyone seen this label before? UNAVAILABLE       [[SPOILER]]   Jos. A Bank blue herringbone Harris Tweed - 46L - AVAILABLE       [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, I have the same shirt from BBBF, and it's easily the best shirt I've thrifted for myself.  I'm not in LA, though.  Just the Chicago suburbs.
Today: Part 2! After my good luck this morning, I tempted fate and went out again.   Some scarves for me - UNAVAILABLE   T&A x2, Pink - All 17x36(ish) - AVAILABLE   Orvis cords I got for my secret Santa, but didn't work - 38x28.5 - AVAILABLE   Thom Browne OCBD - Fits a little big on me, so size 3(?) - Large - AVAILABLE   Finally picked up some selvege! Unbranded - UNAVAILABLE   Oh, hello there, Mr. Cucinelli!  Nice to see you again.  Twice in 1 day! - UNAVAILABLE -...
Had a pretty good day today.  First a couple of questions:   1. Is there such a thing as a Levi's selvege denim shirt?  I've never actually seen selvege in person, so I'm clueless.  I passed.   2. Is this fake?  As I took pictures and, soon after, read THIS, I started to think so.  I've never seen Belstaff in the wild, so, again, I'm clueless.  I kopped, but it was cheap and fits me.         [[SPOILER]]     Paul Stuart 48L Cashmere - Made by Samuelsohn, right?  It's...
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